Thursday, April 21, 2005

Zarqawi Needs A Nuke

Reports reveal Zarqawi nuclear threat The Washington Times
"Recurrent intelligence reports say al Qaeda terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi has obtained a nuclear device or is preparing a radiological explosive -- or dirty bomb -- for an attack, according to U.S. officials, who also say analysts are unable to gauge the reliability of the information's sources."

Wagnews: There is enough rubbish about Zarqawi now, for a Fall mini-series. (I'm joking [I think])


Anonymous Daz said...

Pretty good feat for a guy the yanks supposedly killed about 8 months ago. Absolutely laughable !

8:24 am  
Blogger Fintan, said...

Yeah, they realize this too -thus the reason for this report in the Sunday Herald:

"In recent briefings the CIA have even cast doubt on whether or not he lost a leg in Afghanistan in 2001 following a US missile strike on Taliban training camps."

10:17 pm  

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