Saturday, March 12, 2005

US gunfire came from right and rear -Sgrena

This is how Giuliana Sgrena remembers the shooting -as described to Italian daily Corriere della Sera:

One Pentagon version claims that you were driving at more than 100 miles an hour, 160 kilometres an hour.

“Absurd. Just after saying that, the driver braked because there was a sharp right-hand bend. He slowed right down. We certainly weren’t going fast. As we were coming out of the bend, the gunfire started. From the right and the rear. Burst of fire and single shots. It’s not true that they shot at the engine, from in front”.

The Americans claim to have fired into the air after training a light on you.
“No. The car windows shattered simultaneously. I sure about that, too. There were no shots in the air. I heard the gunfire and the windows exploded into a thousand fragments. There was no beam of light, no small light. It was dark, and I was looking around”.


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