Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"Anxious Masculinity" -- A Psychoanalysis of Republicans and Bush

BuzzFlash: how would you define "anxious masculinity?"

Stephen J. Ducat: "It's a culture based on male domination... in which most things feminine tend to be devalued, even if they are secretly envied."

"In such a culture, the most important thing about being a man is not being a woman... This makes disavowing the feminine in oneself and projecting it onto one’s opponent to be especially important. This... femiphobia constitutes a very significant motive for fundamentalist terrorism."


Blogger photon said...

excellent article! murky connections with gannon linked to the (proabably closeted-gay) karl rove and perhaps even bush himself (!) explain a lot.
the "femiphobia" described in the article accounts for the constant debasing of females in popular culture, music, movies and other forms of brainwashing. have you noticed how fashionable it has become for young girls to get around dressed like whores?

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