Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Silent Dogs of New Improved Saddam

Our Prediction on 23 May: Crazy Saddam to Dismiss Lawyers
Latest Development 9 Aug: Saddam Defense Team Dismissed
Sherlock Holmes would have figured out the 'New Improved Saddam' caper straight away. Because he once solved a puzzling case by using a very similar analysis.

It was a murder mystery. And the key insight by Holmes was not based on something he found -but on something he didn't find. The house where the murder took place had a guard dog. But as Holmes pointed out: on the night in question, the dog didn't bark.

Therefore the murderer was known to the dog.

In the case of Saddam, it is the CIA Internet Fakes who haven't been barking about the clear evidence that the new Saddam isn't the same guy as old Saddam.

We have been howling about it since about 6 hours after they 'captured' New-Improved-Saddam. We wrote a slew of well researched articles about it. But somehow these articles never got linked by the Fakes.

Sure, they have linked to others stories I write. They have to --in order to maintain credibility. But not this story. Which is surprising for a conspiracy media who are usually all over this type of story.

For example, when it comes to Osama, they are all all over the issue that he is long dead. And with Al-Zarqawi, they are all over the story that the endless mainstream Al-Zarqawi hype is war propaganda.

But when it comes to New-Saddam, not a whimper. Despite the relentless 'Saddam-this', 'Saddam-that' mainstream PsyOp stories, they play dumb and hope you swallow it hook, line and sinker.

Here's the circus in action:
And that's the propaganda themes for just the last couple of weeks!

This has been going on for 18 months. Still not a single public appearance. No once. Not even when he was captured. Only video and still-photos.

It's Virtual Saddam. But, try Googling "saddam double" or "saddam impostor" and see the woeful conspiracy site coverage. A few articles -long on speculation and short on deep analysis.

So, why are the CIA Fakes so coy about New-Saddam that they risk blowing their cover?

Because they want to take no risks in the case of the Saddam PsyOp. It too valuable a propaganda tool to have this fake guy stand fake trial.

In the case of Osama, U.S. PsyOps want everyone to think he is dead anyway. They want to bury the supposed initiator of 9/11. In the case of al-Zarqawi, undermining the PsyOp in the alternative media isn't affecting the relentless use of this bogeyman in the mainstream.

But, if the conspiracy media were banging away about New-Saddam --like they have on Osama and Al-Zarqawi-- it would eventually filter up to mainstream journalists already suspicious about the lack of public appearance. Ooopps.

So the CIA Fakes can't touch our Saddam analysis with a forty-foot pole. It's much, much too risky to the PsyOp. After all, that's why they have CIA Fake websites. To cover up really sensitive stuff like the truth about Saddam.

Even if it shows them all up for the silent guard dogs they are.

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