Friday, August 05, 2005

CIA Fakes Update

The 'CIA Fakes' article is getting a lot of traffic, but none from any of the popular forums. That means it's spreading by word of mouse -from person to person by email.

By the way, expect to read stuff about Fintan Dunne being a mossad agent, a maniac etc. etc. Well, we expected no less. It's how they usually react. Fake sites -fake outrage. Goes with the territory.

Back to business. Our article provides an outline of the big picture of CIA control and influence over the 'alternative' media on the Internet. We will be fleshing out the issue with further detail. And then some.

I'm sure there is a variety of views on the exact composition of the list. The important issue is that there is a large CIA fake media in place. These people are not dumb.

They knew the threat of the Internet. They knew that -well in advance of it's current popularity. So, they spent a lot of money. An awful lot. And they were waiting in place already when the numbers hit the net. They control the areas of high traffic. That's why the Net hasn't worried them. Up until now.