Saturday, July 16, 2005

UK Paper Drops Suicide Bomb Theory

Now that didn't take long --the mainstream, Mirror newspaper in the U.K. has just dropped the 'suicide bombers' theory on the London blasts.

It wasn't holding water anyway.
[See: Glaring Flaw in London Suicide Bombs Tale]

The new mainstream line is that the bombers were duped by their Al-Qaida "mastermind" handler. They didn't realise that they would never survive the bombing run.

This new angle is much, much closer to the truth. Dangerously close.

And this development shows the mainstream media now in danger of losing their spin hold on the story.

So, in response, here's my new theory: What if the Al-Qaida guy was only pretending to be an Al-Qaida operative? Here's another: What if he was a double-agent?

Who was really running this bombing operation?

That question is close now..... real close.


Why did they buy return train tickets to Luton?
Why did they buy pay & display tickets for cars?
Why were there no usual shouts of 'Allah Akhbar'?
Why were bombs in bags and not on their bodies?

By Jeff Edwards, UK Mirror

THE London bombers may have been duped into killing themselves so their secrets stayed hidden.

Police and MI5 are probing if the four men were told by their al-Qaeda controller they had time to escape after setting off timers. Instead, the devices exploded immediately.

A security source said: "If the bombers lived and were caught they'd probably have cracked. Would their masters have allowed that to happen? We think not."

The evidence is compelling: The terrorists bought return rail tickets, and pay and display car park tickets, before boarding a train at Luton for London....

Their devices were in large rucksacks which could be easily dumped instead of being strapped to their bodies. They carried wallets containing their driving licences, bank cards and other personal items. Suicide bombers normally strip themselves of identifying material.

Similar terror attacks against public transport in Madrid last year were carried out by recruits who had time to escape and planned to strike again.

Our source disclosed: "The theory that they were not a suicide squad is gathering pace. They were the weakest link. We think it's possible they were told that when they pressed buttons to set off timers they'd have a short time to abandon the bombs and get away before the blast. Instead, the bombs exploded immediately."

Another intelligence source added: "Whoever is behind this didn't want to waste their best operatives on a suicide mission. Instead they used easily recruited low-grade men who may have believed they'd walk away....

[See also our article: Glaring Flaw in London Suicide Bombs Tale]


Blogger irishdrifter said...

running to stand still

long live the bloggers!!

10:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir Ian Blair: "A coordinated effort is slowly bringing order out of the chaos,"

It seems to me that "they" are signaling to members of the elite and anyone else conscious enough to want to know that "they" are behind it, even though "they" go on pushing Al Qaeda for mass consumption. It looks to me as though we may be witnessing the rise of a well-connected fascist elite taking control of the state. After 911 the Arab story was being pushed far more strenuously.  Now, "they" seem less bothered with the details and so less bothered that people will see through the charade. This development is very worrying.

1:54 am  
Blogger ziz said...

The true story - these guys thought they were drug couriers was available

since Wednesday.

Fits all the facts fuels all the fears.

The Pick 'n' Mix Bombers
Bluetooth Bombers

7:37 am  

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