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Live8 is an NWO Psyop - so is AIDS

by Fintan Dunne, Editor, 7/1/'05

Live8. There hasn't been anything like it since... well since the last Pharma-inspired major world PsyOp: the so-called SARS epidemic which 'raged' at exactly the time the U.S. wanted to turn eyes away from Iraq -and yet maintain the elevated sense of threat which the Iraq invasion had created.

Pharma's interests and those of the G8 New World Order are as one, needless to say.

Populations who perceive themselves as under threat are more right-wing in their political and social expression. And they are more likely to run to Big Pharma if they think they are in a health emergency. Which is why these PsyOps are ruthlessly deployed to set the tone of public attitude -with a lot of help from Big Media.

The attitude to Africa which Pharma want us to have is that is should be seen as a disease-ridden continent in desperate need of the taxpayer-funded AIDS drugs -which will boost the coffers and failing reputation of the pharmaceutical industry. Which is timely, as Pharma prepares to squelch alternative health approaches with it's imminent global Codex and dietary supplements protocols.

The attitude to Africa which the G8 want us to have is that it should be seen as a failing continent in need of a swift neocolonial power-grab by the G8 to rescue it from the maw of both AIDS and poverty. [See: Dawn of the G8 New World Order]

The sop to our conscience will be the so-called debt relief package. The G8 will allow itself to be 'forced' to drop the debt by heroic campaigners like the mega-wealthy Bono and businessman, Sir Bob Geldof. Useful idiots with far more money than geopolitical savvy.

Dumb and Dumber

Even as the Media and the Moguls use them for their own ends, the dynamic duo never utter a word to counter the G8 plans for Iraq: death-squads and genocidal war crimes against Sunnis whose misfortune it is to have been already oppressed by a US-backed and installed dictator -until the G8 decided to take over Iraq overtly.

[See: Kofi & Condi's Big Iraq Sellout]

You could call Bono and Geldof, Dumb and Dumber, but is it just gullibility?

Bono didn't hesitate to bang the patriotic drum on U2 's post-9/11 U.S. tour -resplendent in a U.S. flag-lined jacket and warbling sentimental jingoism. He didn't seem to mind that he was profiting from war fever at the bloody expense of tens of thousands of Iraqis. That smacks of calculating opportunism.

Neither is Sir Bob Geldof a stranger to either a swolen bank account or to the hallowed halls of British power -where titles like "Sir" are the ultimate reward for service to the Empire (besides the money).

So, perhaps it is greed which blinds the conscience and the awareness sufficiently to allow their stupidity to shine.

Reality-check Time

In New Delhi last Thursday, NGO ActionAid pointed out that around 60% of Alleged Aid is Phantom. It goes back to the donor countries. The USA and France, two of the world's largest aid donors, give the maximum phantom aid. For every dollar of aid, almost 90 cents go back to them.

ActionAid also criticized the G-8 countries for falling short of international aid targets. ActionAid Country Director Babu Mathew said: "The official international aid target of 0.7 per cent of national income of the rich countries is not being met and in 2003 was only 0.1 per cent of their national income."

Rich countries are cooking the aid books, Samuel said: "The aid is in books, but not in actuality. Nearly 18 $billion dollars of aid was given as fee to consultants from the UK, the USA and Canada. Another portion of the money is 'tied aid'. In such cases the USA will ask India to buy anti-retroviral drugs only from American pharmaceuticals under its AIDS/HIV aid programme."

"Over the last two years, most of the aid has been directed towards buying arms and ammunition," Samuel said. "Aid diversification for military purposes is being done by the donors, particularly the US, especially after 9/11," he said.

The RealAid report says that aid is being used to privatize the water and energy sectors and open markets in developing countries.

So, here's how this G8 deal will really pan out:

The debt-relief will be used to copperfasten the dependance of African governments on the G8 and as a lever to secure ruinous 'fair' trade deals. A lot of any extra aid will be funneled through Paul Wolfowitz's World Bank. Think about it.

The Pharma people will pocket much of the rest -as profit from discounted sales of failing toxic AIDS drugs.

All of this will be ushered in as a 'feel good' phenomenon by wealthy revolutionaries, against the unworrying background of the banal lyrics of mass-market pop-pap music.

AIDS and 1984

But what makes this global African Colonization PsyOp so ironic for Africa is that the whole AIDS paradigm on which it is based has itself also been a PsyOp from the start.

The AIDS hysteria was launched in (appropriately) 1984 under Ronald Regan's presidency. HIV was the Osama Bin Laden of 1984. The evidence that the virus was the real cause of the disease was about as flimsy and/or nonexistant as that linking Osama to 9/11. And we are still waiting for that evidence in both cases.

Both 9/11 and AIDS have fulfilled the fear, terror and social hysteria agenda of the G8 NWO. Their astounding success with AIDS led directly to 9/11.

AIDS is a concocted disease syndrome which now lumps together a range of illness from tuberculosis to cervical cancer to malaria and hypothesizes that these are new AIDS-versions of the same old diseases. The so-called 'gay-plague' made scapegoats of gays in the U.S. and around the world. Pharma-funded gay health groups sold the party line to their members with backing from a hysterical media. It played just like the Iraq WMD hysteria.

The invented 'syndrome' was not just designed to freak out gullible Westerners. It was designed to nip African independence in the bud. Why bother trying to overthrow the colonial powers pulling the strings in Africa, if the continent was doomed anyway by AIDS?

That was the PsyWar message to Africans: embrace despair and disillusion -not revolution.

It's an information age. This is information warfare. Someone should tell Bono and Geldof.

No, on second thoughts -don't bother.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seem to remember hearing that the LIVE AID concert back in the 80's was used by international drug traffickers as a vehicle for some of their money laundering activities. Can't remember exactly where I heard that, but I think it was on the Howard Stern show sometime in the early 90's. Who knows?

5:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do HIV, SARS and H5N1 have in commmon?

1. Same test proceedure.
2. Same treament.
3. Same fear campaign.
4. WHO.
5. Big pharma.

9:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fintan, your commentary and analysis is perceptive and on target sumbutnotall of the time. With this post you have definitely gone over the top.

9:46 am  
Blogger FintanDunne said...

Actually you haven't seen over the top yet. But, stay tuned : )

Seriously though. Are you just reacting off the cuff? Or have you heard our Christine Maggiore interview [mp3]?

Or listened to our interview with SA barrister Anthony Brink [mp3]?

Or have you read the Top 100 AIDS Inconsisttencies?

Or maybe read Liam Scheff's The Hidden Face of HIV

Or Dr. Mohammed al-Bayati's stunning critique of AIDS medicine in the BMJ Online - Essential Measures To Stop The AIDS Epidemic?

Or maybe you don't need to?
Or maybe you just did now.

10:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BRAVO Fintan. I was waiting for your response to this fraud called Live 8. As a musician I am horrified by this concert to raise "awareness" about Africa. HIV is a fraud and so is this NWO agenda to save Africa.

10:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spot on once again, Fint.

'Live 8'. Now, one wonders, how much did it cost to come up with such a catchy name? It would be interesting to know which PR company was retained for this purpose - Prentiss McCabe perhaps? Stinks to high-Heaven. As for Bonio, Stung, and Goldoff KBE, well...pass the sick bag : I feel an AZT side-effect coming on.

Incredible that the 'goyim' fall for such s[l]ick nonsense. Must be those chemtrails...

'Thunderbird 2'

4:04 am  
Blogger 33_hertz said...

Powerful stuff, Fintan.
I will make time to read those links you mention.


7:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


We need to devise something that will further expose this issue. Unfortunately we drown in a sea of unknown vital information. Perhaps a non-commecial search engine...or the like - a peoples search engine, and the instrument to shout it from every roof top.

The only thing that keeps us from a form of consolidated, easy to access information is a feasible plan using means not choked off by the corporate whores and government regulators. This is our most pressing issue to date.

5:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well enough, Fintan, but who is "Samuel"?

6:02 pm  
Blogger cityzenkane said...

I must be pychic, I knew you would come up with this corker Fintan. I worked on the live 8 concert in Hyde Park, every one with out exception was raving about it. Every one talked about the music, no one questioned the issues. A recent MTV 'Question time' style proramme at MTV with Blair and Geldof with a young audience resulted in not one single knowledgable challenge to the motives behind Live8 and the NWO agenda. Why did no one question the the fact that the amount of aid for Africa is equivalent to the amount that is spent in one week on the murderous campaign in Iraq. Were the audience hand picked or were they like the majority of people out there, blind from snow blizzard that is mainstream media ans celebrity. The optimistic side of me feels that perhaps Bono and Sir Bob do have a genuine concern for resolving the problems in Africa, but the problem is that that they are armed with the wrong information. If they logged into your web site more often, read Christine Maggiore's book and listened to what Anthony Brinks has to say then perhaps Live 8 may have been completely different.
Brad Pitt stood on the stage and talked about the need to send more drugs to Africa. All the big wigs talked about how it was up to the G8 leaders now. No one mentioned Iraq, or the neo colonial exploits of the gaint corporations, or the World bank and the IMF and its ruinous structural adjustment programmes. The cynical side of me has been shouting all along "They are all in bed together."

6:12 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yoo librels are always complaneing abot rich peeple and their company's. Dis iz a butyfull thing that dese rich peeple are doing to help doze poor AFrican's. Doze drugs wil help mayke doze Afrikans better! I tayke diffrent drugz like ritalin and PROZACK and they mayke mee think better and the det releef on doze peeple wil help them just like the big company's like mOnsanto and becktell wil to!

7:43 pm  
Blogger metamars said...

I've long wondered why billboards in the US are not used effectively for political ends - ANY political ends, left or right. (The most 'radical' poster I ever saw said "Real Men Don't User Porn". After that, I can't think of any, except the sterile and hachneyed stuff you see around election time.) I have come to conclusion that this is intentional - our rulers don't want a politically aroused populace.
I've also wondered where the hell are the musicians and other artists. Presumably, these more sensitive souls can act like catalysts for the rest of the population. So, the fact that you have so many musical luminaries to come together for Live8 tells me it's possible.
OK, so why isn't there a similar program for banning DU? Landmines?
If this is a psyop, I doubt it has much to do with the Codex Alimentaris stuff. I think a better guess is that it has to do with John Perkins' "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man". If so, then no amount of feel-good concerts is going to do the trick - the cat is out of the bag, Latin America is saying "no mas", and Chavez - God bless him - is standing up to Uncle Sam, and has successfully survived 'the jackals' that Perkins talks about. Unfortunately, Africa is in such an aweful state that there is not the same potential for resisting NWO colonialization. Which is exactly why I doubt that if Live8 was a psyop, Africa had anything to do with it.
Well, after writing the above, I rechecked the live8 web site. There is a Spanish language version of the web site, but even though there are concerts all over the world, there are exactly 0 in Latin America. So, scratch my conspiracy theory/speculation above. :-)
If anything Latin America was avoided so as not to give those uppity Latin Americanos any idea that debt forgiveness is for them.
Well, a really dark scenario is that our loony rulers have decided to depopulate Africa at a much faster rate than they decided earlier, so Live8 serves as a smoke screen. They're not going to be able to collect any debts if the population is cut by 80%, anyway. So, the thought process that they want to engender is "Man, we just forgave all that debt, and now most of the people have died from Ebola. What a shame! And we tried so hard to help them". Sort of reminds me of the "just missed it" 911 stuff.
2nd Conspiracy Theory: Public Relations for NWO. Not much darker than cigarette ads.

11:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watched the self-appointed saint Geldoff today calling the protestors in Scotland "losers"and poking fun at their "revolution". The world certainly doesn't need hypocrites like him. This is from the guy who had described GW "sincere and passionate" about ending poverty.Message for geldoff and bono- get of your high horse you pathetic turncoats.

7:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It s Thursday 7th july time 3.35 pm I m just watching the news special on the so called terrorist attacks on London targets this morning ,Call me suspicious if you like but is this another smokescreen by our own establishment

2:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There is no Western heterosexual AIDS epidemic"

hetro women are one of the fastest growing sectors of HIV infected individuals.

I do not believe that pharmaceuticals are the answer to aids, however, I do not believe it is wise to spread propaganda which encourages people not to protect themselves against this scourge.

I believe that AIDS is a real syndrome, if the conspiracy lies anywhere, it is in the cause and treatment of this sickness.

Simular to cancer, it seems that 'cure' to this problem is a costly and deadly option. Prevention is overlooked almost to a fualt. The same companies that sell us carcinogens in the form of cigarettes and junk food, profit off off the drugs we believe we must take to live (which often kill us anyhow).

I can easily imagine AIDS was engineered to harm the queer community in north america... and to do away with "undesirable races" on the African continent. Of course this is merely speculation, however, those who are bigoted towards queers are often the smae people who have difficulty with the reality of human sameness, regardless of race.

While I think it is a great idea to question the rhetoric around the medicated solution for AIDS and the motivations ($$$) behind it, I feel it is dangerous to insinuate that AIDS is not a real sickness.

Also many items on the top 100 AIDS list were of questionable value, and perpetuate the common tendancy to demonize queers in relation to HIV.

Plenty of hetro people use the drugs that the list refers to ... and they did not develop HIV/AIDS symptoms... a series of comprehensive studies would be required to link the use of the drugs listed with HIV/AIDS symptoms...

7:13 pm  
Blogger FintanDunne said...

magister scio said...

"There is no Western heterosexual AIDS epidemic"??

hetro women are one of the fastest growing sectors of HIV infected individuals.

Hold on a second. Western hetero women are the fastest group being TESTED.

Where you test -you find!
(70 reasons for a false positive test)

(Cervical cancer[!] was added to the HIV-Syndrome list to heep the felame health lobby on board the paradigm.)

I can easily imagine AIDS was engineered to harm the queer community in north america... and to do away with "undesirable races" on the African continent. Of course this is merely speculation....

No need to engineer a virus- just engineer the propaganda that makes people que up for AZT (whose side efects are the SAME as AIDS).

While I think it is a great idea to question the rhetoric around the medicated solution for AIDS and the motivations ($$$) behind it, I feel it is dangerous to insinuate that AIDS is not a real sickness.

If it starts with "War on Xxxxx..."

(Insert: Terror, Drugs, Cancer or AIDS)

...It's a big ****ing con.

12:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quick question on the whole AIDS issue...

I've read some about it, and think there's some points to be made re: both it's origin and treatment. magister scio said
can easily imagine AIDS was engineered to harm the queer community in north america... and to do away with "undesirable races" on the African continent.
and there's a couple of interesting points that support the theory...
1. it seems that heterosexual Aftican American women (if the data is accurate), are the largest growing segment of HIV positives, at least in the US.

2. Studies last year suggest that homosexuality in men at least is genetic, and is linked to the fertility gene of the mother.

Would not a designer virus, that is more successful with the "undesirable" races, and particularly fertile mother genes be PERFECT for a NWO that must be looking forward to massive population reduction?

8:22 pm  

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