Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Insurgents Kill Iraq's Counter-Insurgency Chief

The assassination on Monday of Iraq's new counter insurgency coordinator is a sign of either how inept, or now undermanned is the fledgling Iraqi security administration:
An insurgent squad shot dead the commander of Iraq's new counter-insurgency headquarters as he drove to work Monday in Baghdad, as US and Iraqi troops conducted a massive sweep for insurgents.

Major General Wael Rubaye, the new commander of a special operations room recently set up by the ministry for national security to coordinate the fight against insurgents, and his driver were shot dead by insurgents in the capital early Monday, the cabinet office said in a statement. Insurgents killer squads have repeatedly targetted senior police and army officers, along with civil servants, in the capital over the past weeks. [Middle East Online]
If they can't protect him, what kind of mess are they in?

The Arab media report above makes quite clear the pivotal role of Rubaye in counter-insurgency, but scrambling to downplay the severity of the blow, the London Independent describes Rubay merely as a 'security advisor':

The commander of an Iraqi counter-terrorism unit has been assassinated in a further demonstration of the insurgency's penetration of government structures on a day that saw massive loss of life across Iraq.

Maj-Gen Wael al-Rubaye, a security adviser to the Iraqi cabinet was shot dead while being driven to work.... [Independent]


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Israel in Iraq


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Have faith in American democracy. It really works!

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well, at least there was some good news out of iraq today

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Lets continue the strategy of isolating the us-americans !!!
Have faith in the strategy of the Iraqi Anti-Occupation Forces. It really works!!!

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The above link includes multiple pictures, most of which have obviously been taken by Americans because of the proximaty of the camera to the subject. I do not believe the photographers would put this material on the net. And yet, somehow, this information supposedly made it into the hands of the resistance. Some pictures have been posted on other sites. Some are unique in this presentation. Some are of a graphic nature.

Question arises, how did this material get into the hands of the folks that supposedly made the slide presentation?

The possibilities include: This is a 'black' psychological effort, to enflame Americans, placing the blame for this production on the 'resistance'.

Or, the 'resistance' is so sophisticated they can acquire, edit and produce such a presentation, with music, in the midst of a shooting war and distribute the finished product to those who have spread it around the globe. If this is the case, as it appears to be, especially if you are prone not to consider the black psy ops potential, then we really are in deep trouble and don't recognize that yet!

In either event, it shows what the US media is NOT showing the families and friends of the boyz and girlz they are sending off to war.

Some would call it propaganda. I'd say it was probably a fat slap in the face of the idiot who said, "Bring it on!" Boy, did they ever.

I truly believe those eligible for military service deserve to know what they are getting into BEFORE signing the bottom line, BEFORE that fatefull day. Only a combat veteran can be this emphatic.

Tell the kids! They will know what to do. They will pass it on to fellow students and others. You may wish to assist.

Thank God for the Internet.

It is dangerous to be right when your government is wrong.--Voltaire

You may choose to ignore the facts, but you cannot change the facts --Author Unknown

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