Tuesday, May 31, 2005

60,000 Iraqis 'Disappeared' into US Camps

Independent journalist, Dahr Jamail, citing local humanitarian and other sources says the number of Iraqis detained by occupation forces is now well over 60,000 -far in excess of the commonly quoted official figure of 17,000.

Speaking exclusively to BreakForNews.com from Amman, Jordan on Monday night, Jamail said his sources included many doctors and the director of a humanitarian organization in Fallujah.

"These people are missing person's who have essentially been 'disappeared' in their own country, said Jamail.

"Their families don't know where they've been held, what the charges are. And this is infuriating people... some of whom are angry enough to pick up a gun."

Further mass detentions are being carried out in Baghdad now said Jamail, as part of the new U.S. Operation Lightning there. He also said his reports indicated three U.S. military Humvees had been destroyed in heavy fighting over the weekend in the south of Baghdad, an outcome unrecorded by official sources.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Words fail me when trying to describe the moral backruptcy of these actions. However, the U.S. domestic practice isn't so incredibly different, so maybe it just seems like business as usual to many. Chances of this becoming an issue in the mainstream media range from zero to nil I'm afraid.

Michael Zimmer

4:23 pm  

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