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Gannon and the Inevitable Downfall of Rove

Karl Rove is like Osama: over-hyped and over-rated.

He acts as a convenient hate figure for the Left in the same way that Osama appeals to the Right. The elite gambit is to get the Right so entranced by hatred of Osama that they uncritically accept every snippet of news which signals his imminent demise.

What makes you think that their ploy with the Left would be any different?

Don't expect disinformation to be signed personally by Karl Rove. Give these people some credit for brains at least. In fact, right now the best possible Rovian disinformation is 'news' pitched as if it were leading to the downfall of Rove!

Which is why you should be careful about the Jeff Gannon story.

Remember back in the summer of 2004. Everybody Knew Bush was going down. Despite the official polls, true sentiment in the U.S. was running 60:40 against the president. Actual votes on the day were likely to run around Kerry 55/Bush 45.

Nobody expected Karl Rove to take this lying down, so when pundits predicted he was about to stage the 'capture' of Osama, or was plotting a fake terrorism attack to boost Bush, it seemed credible.

This perception was reinforced by the like of Wayne Madsen's confidential 'sources', who in the closing stages of the election campaign reported that the terror strike was imminent.

It never happened. The elite didn't ensure Bush's reelection by means of a fake terror strike.

They stole the fucking election instead.
As they had always planned to do.
While carefully misdirecting us to look elsewhere during the run up.

Now that's good quality disinformation. Notice the emotional surface appeal of the terror attack spin. Always the appeal to the emotions -to get reason looking the other way.

And when we finally realized that ballots -not bullets- were Rove's KO punch, we saw key election fraud activist Bev Harris of stage her own spectacular self-destruction on Air America's Randi Rhodes show.

Just to make sure your votefraud outrage was axed by one of it's 'leaders'. Just to make sure you could blame Bev when nothing happened about the stolen election. Another convenient scapegoat -just like Kerry. All of which disillusioning of opposition comes copyright COINTELPRO, 2004 via Air America, MSNBC and the Green's David Cobb Democracy Memorial Fund.

But, hey! Bev looked good for a while there. As did MSNBC Countdown's Keith Olberman -stolen election hero of the left- while he helped box a national controversy into 20 minute slots on liberal cable. Yeah that was a breakthrough, wasn't it? NOT.

Anyway, that was then.

Now they are pulling the same tired old stunts with Jeff Gannon.

This time the objectives is to feed us GannonGate: a mutedly salacious gay version of MonicaGate. This time the sex scandal is rocking the Blogsphere -conveniently giving investigative blogs a discrediting tabloid sheen in the process.

The psyop hasn't really taken hold though. From the start, many saw that Rove is not as dumb as the GannonGate spin presumes him to be. The 'discovery' of Gannon was way too easy. And if GannonGate was a real embarassment, Jeff would be quietly tending sheep in Mongolia -not waving his dick around at the National Press Club.

Realizing this, the GannonGate team are accelerating a planned downmarket shift into the cosy, elite-funded internet conspiracy market. Where GannonGate has to compete with Peak Oil, imminent asteroid impacts, earthchanges, alien abductions, the nuke that caused the tsunami and other fantasies designed to give 'conspiracy theory' a bad name.

The wild spin is that Gannon is actually Johnny Gosh -kidnapped as a child and used as a plaything of Washington politicians. BlackBoxVoting's Andy Stephenson is back, widening his interests from of election fraud to help out with this latest angle.

Meanwhile, an affidavit in a lawsuit is being used as part of 'evidence' that a "vast network of children [was] trained to work for the government and participate in deviant sexual acts to make the blackmail of politicians possible."

His cedibility freshly dented by authoring an 'April Fool' story about the U.S. Army recruiting 14-year-old children [also 1 2]), Cityview's Tim Schmitt is now writing:
"In 1999, [Paul] Bonacci won a $1 million lawsuit against Larry King, the former head of the Franklin Credit Union in Nebraska, whom he claimed forced him into the pedophile ring. The federal judge ruled Bonacci was truthful in his testimony, which included his claim that he was one of several young male prostitutes known to have toured the White House in the 1980s."
So a judge ruled this account truthful, eh? That subtly constructed phrase sounds good, unless you have been told that the lawsuit was uncontested.

Listen up. If I sue you with a claim that you kidnapped me with the help of two nine-foot-tall aliens. And if you don't contest the lawsuit. Then the judge will make just the same ruling. But he will have a hard job not laughing out loud as he does so.

It doesn't mean it's all true.

The same applies to the story of Clint Curtis and Florida Republican Tom Feeney. Wayne Madsen's active here again -moving from predicting the 'terror strike' that never happened, to helping to launch this account of a computer vote-stealing plot in Florida. Bradblog is a key vehicle for the Feeney tale, and a tame mainstream hack has recently been wheeled in to try kickstart some interest in the story.

To little avail. Nobody's buying it.

None of these internet sensations will ever discomfort the mainstream. They, and a plethora of similar spins are intended to waste your time and divert your energy as surely as the Osama no-show terror attack:
  • Don't organize an antiwar group in your area.
    -Campaign for the 'truth' about Gannon instead.
  • Don't rally against the Patriot Act.
    -Demand that Clint Curtis be heard instead.
  • Don't even consider that the U.S. is being defeated right now in Iraq.
    -See their confident plans to invade Iran as well.
  • Don't focus on the record profits of the oil corporates.
    -We are running out of oil is all. Honest.
A fake alternative media unable to champion the real issues, is in continual desperate need of half-plausible-sounding drivel to fill the pages and try divert from real alternative news.

The Orwellian news managers have the market beautifully segmented by see-no-evil Chinese walls, which allow the manufacture of crude opinion zones: Fox News fanaticism; gun-totin' Patriots; Mainstream myopia; Soros-funded MoveOn; Deaniac Dems; the Green Gremlins; CounterPunching Lefties; 9/11 Truthers; God-dammed Communists; and End of the Worlders.

The information war boys have a gambit for each of those markets. And they have a wide range of specialist media fronts, well placed to roll out these ploys. It must cost a bundle, but hey, your taxes pay for it all anyway.

That's the difference between and the host of 'alternative' websites and radio feeds carrying a diet of information, rich in subtle (and not subtle enough) disinformation. We don't have their kind of reach or that level of unlimited budget for unprincipled bullshit.

Jeff Gannon is leading to the inevitable downfall of Karl Rove.
Just like that terror attack in October '04 which got Bush releected.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon again. I get your drift and I think much of what you say is true in regards to keeping people busy with stories that aren't true, but the whole "pedophile elite" whom David McGowan talks about in his books (McGowan's "Programmed to Kill" is essential) and online, seems to strike a cord of truth (McGowan has also done a lot of work to discredit the "peak oil" theory). The "pedophile elite" is also discussed on in great detail and again strikes a cord of truth. I wish this was just another peak oil tale, but I'm afraid it's not. If you have information that would discredit these ideas I hope you will write about them in the future. Thanks for your work and writing.

8:44 pm  
Blogger FintanDunne said...

Um... I hate to break this to you, but part of the clever positioning is to have some people discredit already questionable spins like Peak Oil.

Then you think that these are the good guys. So they can now spin you another line on a different but equally spurious story.

Then along comes someone to discredit the new story, establish their position and so, round and round we go.

I'm not specifically saying this about the sites you mention. It's just part of the standard MO.

The disinfo crew don't just run fronts. They always have a front moving out, a backup moving in and a rearguard just in case. It's like rocket science only more devious.

9:05 pm  
Blogger FintanDunne said...


And thats not to mention that if there is substance to the "pedophile elite" issue, the best way to head it off is to link it to 'conspiracy nuts' on the internet.

One gambit may have multiple objectives.

It's like grandmaster chess only smarter.

9:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dood, you need a vacation.

Politicians follow the money and so should our inquiries into all subject matters.

In order for the, "old boys network," to secure itself, each member MUST have information of a devastating nature about every other member. Trust and loyalty are one thing, but a kind word and a gun always go farther than just a kind word.

That's why the Skull and Bones rituals require sharing your darkest secrets with your peers. That way no one can get away with discrediting anyone else within the group without discrediting themselves.

Pedofile elites is too catchy a label for my taste. But I do not doubt the existence of pimps who cater to the intelligence circles. Anyplace there is alot of money to be made with very little up-front cash, the CIA wants in on it.

They stole this trick from the mob back in the 1950's and 1960's. Then they simply dispensed with the mob.

10:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are the mob

8:26 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

""In 1999, [Paul] Bonacci won a $1 million lawsuit against Larry King, the former head of the Franklin Credit Union in Nebraska, whom he claimed forced him into the pedophile ring. The federal judge ruled Bonacci was truthful in his testimony, which included his claim that he was one of several young male prostitutes known to have toured the White House in the 1980s."

So a judge ruled this account truthful, eh? That subtly constructed phrase sounds good, unless you have been told that the lawsuit was uncontested.

Listen up. If I sue you with a claim that you kidnapped me with the help of two nine-foot-tall aliens. And if you don't contest the lawsuit. Then the judge will make just the same ruling. But he will have a hard job not laughing out loud as he does so."

right...he'd HAVE to rule against me if I didn't contest it. But he wouldn't have to say that your testimony was "truthful". that would be irrelevant in terms of who is awarded the win in the case, if I don't show up to contest. also, it's worth noting that that the same judge that awarded bonacci the money was the same judge that sentenced him to prison approx. 9 years before.

10:57 pm  
Blogger Oz said...

Disregarding Fintan's position for the moment, the testimony as being truthful is worth considering in the following context. Some of the foundation maxims of commerce from which all codes, law, and statutes are derived and based upon, include the following:

"Truth is expressed by means of an affidavit"

"An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth in commerce"

"An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgement in commerce"

1:36 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

re "Peak Oil" see "A strange phenomenon shows abundance of possible crude oil in earth’s crust replenishing the drawn out reserves" -

"Some strange things are happening in the field of oil exploration. Almost all over the world, in many oil and gas fields (not all) as crude oil and gas is being pumped out at a rate never witnessed before, the reserves are actually getting replenished through some strange phenomenon.

According to sources the phenomenon is especially conspicuous in offshore oil and gas fields.

According to researchers the earth’s crust which is thinner under the ocean is experiencing a strange behavior that may actually be very helpful for fossil fuel based energy supply.

... as oil and gas are depleted due to extraction, the density difference between heavy rocks and these embedded fossil fuels all over in the lithosphere are replenishing the oil and gas fields.

The phenomenon is not conspicuous in all oil or gas fields. For example in the Middle East this is not happening. The reason that this does not happen in every oil and gas field in that in many cases, the embedded fossil fuel cannot surface in the void created by the oil and gas exploration because there are non-permeable rocks separating the embedded reserves and the void created by the exploration. ..."

Of course, ocean drilling is environmentally unpalatable. The reasons postulated for the 'replentishing of oil and gas fields' is admittedly theoretical according to the article.

with love (and compassion) from the suffering subcontinent of neem,

10:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hearsay evidence
: a statement made out of court and not under oath and offered in evidence as proof that what is stated is true : HEARSAY

Main Entry: ev·i·dence
Pronunciation: 'e-v&-d&ns, -"dens
Function: noun
Etymology: Medieval Latin evidentia, from Latin, that which is obvious, from evident- evidens clear, obvious, from e- out of, from + videns, present participle of videre to see
: something that furnishes or tends to furnish proof; especially : something (as TESTIMONY, writings, or objects) PRESENTED at a judicial or administrative proceeding for the purpose of establishing the truth or falsity of an alleged matter of fact

2:28 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another Attempt by SIR Dunne to discredit the AMERICAN freedom movement, and try to build himself up all the while.

How dare you tear down the work of Bev Harris!

SIR Dunne is a Gate-keeper, and a bad one. He would have you self censor yourselves to protect his globalist pals. (Finton look what theyve done to their other friends: Saddam, Noriega, and now Burlesconi on his way out)Once a shill outlives their usefulness, they are kicked to the curb!

The AMERICAN patriots, and "Conspiracy nuts" you smear, are the Ones backing off the Rove's, Rummy's, and Pearls over here. They lead the charge to repeal the Patriot Act. They stand up to draconian laws that would slip the Liberal Press, and that are not even discussed by the establishment.

As for "Gannongate": Are we to not call attention to the fact a male escort and smut peddler was Bush's mainman? Should we say the Franklin scandle was a Theory? (Not according the wash, Times)
Should we just look the other way while these monsters kidnap and molest our children (If they dont send them to die in the Mid East for Halliburton et al...)

You have discredited yourself SIR Dunne. You had many friends over here in the US you have completely sold out and stabbed in the back.

Your article here has a few interesting points, but the theme in general shows your jealousy of those who kick ass and take names.

You are a weasle.

6:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I for one enjoy reading Fintan's writing on BreakForNews and etc...

But honestly he DOES seem to try and 'discredit' virtually everyone else out there who's trying to bring some TRUTH to light also. Everyone else from Mike Ruppert (probably CIA, yeah admittedly) all the way thru Jeff Rense and Alex Jones and on and on and on... they are ALL OF 'EM, no good? All working really 'against' truth or secret disinfo gatekeepers...?

Fintan please reply if you can and list a few of those like you who are NOT suspect players? Are there any really OR we can only trust "you"...? ;-)

4:43 am  
Blogger FintanDunne said...

You should be trusting yourself, actually -before you trust me or anyone.

By your logic, because we say the Washington Post, NYT, ABC, CBS, London Times etc. etc. are avoiding the truth, then.... we MUST be nuts.Are we really saying ALL these mainstream sources are in on a vast plot? etc.

The reality is less extreme. In mainstream media there are perceptive people -just not enough. Because some are fools; some are fooled. Some are foolish and some are spreading lies designed to fool.

Just as in the alternative camp.

2:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 6:13 PM,

I like your logic. My first impression is that you are involved with the endless chants of half truths from the numbing NWO crowd. You realize that the only regular callers to those shows amount to maybe 3 ... all plants ... that's all they are. I can list them by name if it makes you happy.

If I agreed with 90% of what you are saying and I may in fact agree ... the 10% that is bullshit, racist, anarchy inciting, disinfo, and the out of context stuff, negates you and all you stand for! Get used to it. If you, in all your beliefs, are incapable of looking out of the corner of your eye, to see the cancer in YOUR movement, then you will NEVER succeed.

Like Fintan, I will never get behind something 90% ... its 100% or you become a compromised sheeple. The future is in information and non-violence. The crowd you need to convince is SO big that any minor stain on your reputation, will look like a complete tarnish of your opinion. Just look at what you are projecting at Fintan! Same shit ... different smell!

I don't need a militia to tell me how to protect my family and I will do very well if necessary, but I will not use hate and violence to make my point of view known.

11:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I come here every so often, as time permits, and lately have been a little confused as to the direction your taking Fintan.

I am not sure the total of people here across the pond that you have trashed for no good reason, but its an awful lot of them.

Alex is no more disinformation than I am, or than Victor Thorn and Lisa Guiliani from Wing TV. Same thing with Jack Blood. The only person above, that I think you haven't trashed is myself. And that might be coming soon as the rate your trying to knock us all down like pins across the pond here in the States.

This witch hunt looks like it won't stop until we are all knocked down and another, elevated. Thats what it looks like anyways.

Everyone here is doing the best they can, and pouring all our own resources into to accomplish a seemingly impossible task; Removing the Evil power structure that exists in National governments, not just in America, but across the globe.

Easier said than done. And it's easier to sit back and be an arm chair critic, rather than just doing your own little part and taking pride that you did your job well.

And Fintan, it's easy to write articles in hindsight. And think you would have to admit that before the election you weren't sure what they were going to do.

I wish you would train your sites a little more on the enemy Fintan, and less on other 911 researchers. We have enough problems already without having to deal with your 'friendly fire'.

Personally I believe that the Jeff Gannon story is a lot bigger, with wider implications than you realize. Does this make me a disinformant?

And what makes you the gatekeeper of information Fintan? Give people more credit than you do. They are all not so stupid that they are incapable of seeing the truth without you.

Personally I think that the 'Franklin Cover-Up' by John Decamp, along with 'Shekinah Prophecy' by Mike Young of will explain to anyone with a little 911 information to quickly connect all the dots about what really happened on 911, and by whom, and for what purpose.

And the answer is a lot uglier, and more terrible than any of us ever dreamed or imagined.

Yet everyone needs to read those books, and connect the dots themselves.

People need to stop thinking in terms of Mossad or CIA, or MI6, or Bush, or Cheney as the culprits. They are all involved to some extent no doubt. But those 3 agencies above are only 'chapters' and fronts for something far bigger and larger, and has been with us since the beginning of time.

If you want the answers I have found regarding 911, then you must seek after this, for only in finding this answer, will you arrive at the end of all the rabbit trails. Find what is the Secret of the Secret Societies. It is this secret which binds them all together, both now, and all through history as well.

I'll give you a hint to start you all on your journey;

Skull & Bones 322, Bilderberger, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Knights Templar, Celtic Knights, The Barbarians, Nazis,Romans, The Catholic Church, Communists, are all the same thing, by a different name. They have all been, and are, chapters of another 'Secret Society'.

And the last hint is this;

911 & Murder on the Orient Express

Start connecting the dots, and soon enough you will find all your answers.

My old email is broken Fintan, so if you want to write, you can catch me phillipjayhan at

Having been a guest on your show and thus far always being treated fairly, I have no personal complaints, but do make one for the others which have been part of your latest 911 'roundups'

I hope you recieve this as coming from a friend.

Cheers Old boy-
Phillip Jayhan

10:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange post Mr. Jayhan. Seems to me that any attacks you may be referring to, are from the multi-faceted opinions of the bloggers and listeners. I can find very few direct references on the people you listed. The bulk of the commentary is from listener's and are you guys really that thin skinned?

I can remember an interview that you and Dylan did on the show. The bulk of it was you guys mocking Fintan's accent, with very little 911 information. Fintan promised a follow up interview but it never happened. I personally think "Loose Change" is great and I personally agree with Fintan's assessment of the "movement. Have you noticed the change in style taking hold in the "movement" after the so-called 'friendly fire' show?

I like this site. It is varied in opinion and viewpoint and is never a bully pulpit for folks promoting violence, fear or product placement. Why would any site promoting information and healthy skepticism be a problem with anyone? A global view of the "movement" is refreshing and can be disturbing at times, shit happens.

I am trying not to get too defensive about this site but the "gatekeeper" label is going way too far. So now, only you and the Wing folks are the end all truth about 911? And Mr. Blood/Mr. Jones are the only NWO experts? I heard your appearance on Mr. Clayton's show today and he was taking indirect pot-shots at Fintan and then claiming that he would never do that to anyone, listen to the archive. Disinfo? Spin? Incitement?

You can't have it both ways without taking some well deserved heat. I like a little of all of the various sites and shows. I regularly buy the products and donate to the causes. At the same time I've learned the difference between self promotion and facts. When I hear the latter, I exercise my right to turn off the computer and read a book!

The world is a big sand/litter box guys, learn to play nice with each other or you get a timeout.

2:14 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fintan's attempt to discredit Peak Oil makes it obvious to me that Fintan is the one doing what he accuses everyone else of doing: putting out disinformation. Notice that Fintan never backs up his claims that Peak Oil is a myth.

Here's a good way to spot a psy-ops/disinformation stunt: When someone tries to discredit a person or a theory using character assination, and insults, without ever actually addressing the arguments being made, and without backing up their counter-claims. This is precisely the tactics that Fintan uses.

Notice how Fintan makes totally unsubstantiated claims, such as, "Peak Oil is a hoax by the oil industry to increase their profits". On the surface, most of us who understand the corruption of oil companies and gov't would be hard pressed to disagree with this claim, since we all know that oil companies do devious things to try to maximize their profits. However, there's a huge hole in this claim. If Peak Oil is a hoax by the Oil industry, then HOW COME THE OIL INDUSTRY DENIES THE EXISTANCE OF PEAK OIL IN PUBLIC? If Peak Oil was a hoax by the oil industry, they would be out there promoting it bigtime, instead of putting out bullshit reports with government agencies that dismiss Peak Oil and assure the public that all is well: "Don't worry, we can continue to prepetually increase oil production to keep up with future demand growth." (A high-school science student can easily see the problem with this claim. Is the earth an endless resource, and an endless garbage can?)

This right off should send up red flags about Fintan's attack on Peak Oil.

Another obvious problem with Fintan's Peak Oil claim is that if the general public were to catch on to peak oil (right now probably less than 5% of the public has ever heard the term peak oil), they would Demand that the gov't and industry start making us less dependent on oil, and start now to shift away from oil. THIS WOULD BE DETRIMENTAL TO THE OIL INDUSTRY. Obviously, the oil industry wants everyone to stay dependent on oil for as long as possible, NOT think about having to switch to alternatives.

If Fintan disputes Peak Oil, why doesn't he provide evidence to back up his claim? There is plenty of evidence to back up the reality of Peak Oil from a growing consensus of independent geologists and scientists who are NOT backed by oil companies or government. (Also, documents have recently been leaked that the Bush Administration is secretly discussing peak oil now).

Come on, Fintan, let's hear your evidence. Do you have any? Or are you just able to toss insults at the "Peak Oil Nuts".

For those who dismiss peak oil, I recommend doing your own research, instead of taking Fintan's claims as truth. Here's a good book to start with, "Power Down: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World" by Richard Heinberg, New Society Publishers, 2004. Richard Heinberg is a professor at New College here in California, a member of the core faculty in the "Sustainable Communities" program. He has never been paid by the oil industry. There are other good credible books and sources out there to corroberate what Heinberg has been writing and teaching about.

In general, people should be sceptical about someone who spends more time attacking other people who are on our side, without addressing the specific arguments, rather than attacking the enemy. Unfortunately, Fintan fits this description all too well, and is why I have lost patience with him.

Bottom line: don't let other people tell you what to believe, check it out for youself!

5:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What we're seeing is nothing less than cosmic drama; it doesn't come around very often, last time was the fall of Rome.

What we must witness to is, "What goes around comes around." Each generation has to learn its own lessons about Justice and what's fair.

The litany of lies, gambits, charades and obfuscations we're literally choking on has the effect of teaching us how to identify a LIAR -- not a mean skill, by any means.

Similarities between the 1689 English Bill of Rights and the US Constitution are so great, we can treat them as peer systems of Law--both of which are being trampled as we speak.

Have you noticed, that the New World Order has a mantra, they repeat behaviorally, over and over and over again. To the "enlightened Illuminati," bureaucracy, process and liturgy is totally more important than outcome, effect or result.

If you don't believe me, call up your electric company with a question about your bill; call your child's school about an event on the schedule.

What they do not is, run you around the flagpole. Nobody is accountable for knowing anything.

We're here to learn to discriminate between people who know something and people who go through the motions and don't care.

And the outcome will reflect that caring creates better outcomes than not caring; knowing what's true has more "influence" than playing stupid; and believing nobody (unless they offer physical proof) is wise when Lies are in fashion.

12:05 am  

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