Thursday, March 24, 2005

Wolfowitz Appointment - What a Blessing in Disguise

As William Bowles has noted, the Wolfowitz debacle at the World Bank can
"be viewed as largely bluff and bluster."
And after the smoke of the announcement has cleared, that bluff has a downside already apparent to socialdemocracynow (over at who writes:
"If a relative unknown or someone who could be taken seriously was named to head the World Bank, it would be much harder for people in the developed world and on the less well informed fringes of the social movements to get the message that it is nothing more than an instrument of American imperialism."

"With Wolfowitz at the head, this fact will be blindingly obvious. In other words, this will spare all of us on the left the effort of persuading people that the Bank is an instrument of American imperialism. Bush has therefore done our work for us. He has discredited the Bank in a single stroke - accomplishing overnight something political activists have been been struggling to do for years."
Lol ! How true. As one comment here on WagNews puts it:
"Could we imagine thanking Bush for anything?"
Ironic ain't it. Our thanks GW and the rest of the boys, who seem to be digging their own hole faster than we ever could. Interesting....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, maybe so. But what motives would Bush have for naming Wolfowitz? No one seems to be talking about that.

2:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about Bush "winning" the 2004 election. If Kerry had won, people around the world would being saying to each other, "see, the americans are alright, things are going to get better." The world would get complacent as we had business as usual in the seat of the empire. When Bush won, the rest of the world braced themselves to face reality: USA is Evil Empire and must be stopped, somehow.

4:17 am  

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