Tuesday, March 22, 2005

What they're not telling you about Terri Schiavo

As the legal wrangles over Terri Schindler Schiavo continue, it seems the genesis of these events has become lost in the mist of time. Is anyone mentioning that the facts of the case indicate that Michael Schiavo should really be facing attempted murder charges for causing injuries which initally led to Terri's brain damage.

Her original cardiac arrest is widely believed to be due a potassium imbalance. However a girlfriend of Terri's testified in a 2000 legal hearing that the couple had a violent argument on the day of Terri's collapse.

In further testimony neurologist William Hammesfahr, said Terri's neck injuries were consistent with attempted strangulation:
"Neurologist William Hammesfahr, petitioned by Anderson, testified that he'd only seen "this peculiar constellation of injuries," referencing her rigid neck and cardiac arrest, in a case of attempted strangulation."
And a doctor who reviewed a body scan uncovered by her legal team says: "Somebody worked her over real good." The medical evidence showed fractures of her ribs, neck, both sacroiliac joints, and both knees and ankles. Other doctors concluded Terri was the victim of severe physical abuse.

Another aspect in considering the fate of Terri, is that in 1996 a Tennessee policeman in a similar state for eight years, suddenly stirred and started talking. For 18 hours, he chatted normally with relatives, recalling family events, telling his two sons he loved them.


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