Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Silencing Sgrena, Gangland-Style

"Sgrena had the goods on them, the whole bloody litany of crimes perpetrated by the swaggering Texas psychopath and his Pentagon goons. Her interviews with Falluja's refugees put her in a position to spill the beans on Bush's murderous farce and splatter the headlines across Europe with the real picture of what is going on inside Iraq."

"I wanted to tell about the bloodbath in Falluja through the refugees tales....I had in front of me the EVIDENCE of what Iraqi society had become with the war," she announced in her confession My Truth ("La mia verita")

Of course she did...so she had to die. Others have died for much less. ...more


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're obviously not-updated on the last news about this story. My advice is: stop listening to communist propaganda and fact-check a bit... Just a bit.

10:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, ha. I love how you cut up that paragraph of hers. Sure, she wanted to "tell about the bloodbath in Fallujah through the refugees tales" but they refused to go along and basically told her to "f... off".

Freakin' hilarious!

But I wanted to tell about the bloodbath in Falluja through the refugees' tales. And that morning the refugees and some of their "leaders" didn't listen to me. I had in front of me the evidence of what the Iraqi society has become with the war and they threw their truth in my face: "We don't want anyone. Why don't you stay home? What such interview can be useful for?".

9:48 pm  

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