Monday, March 07, 2005

New Moves Freeze Blogger's Free Speech

A California court decides blogs don't qualify as "journalism". Then Bradley Smith, says current law requires the FEC to regulate the political speech of bloggers. And now a new bill before Congress "sharply circumscribes the definition of who's a journalist -- and appears to explicitly exclude bloggers and other non-traditional online journalists."

"In a world where anyone can be a journalist, we can't let government or Big Media decide who has the right to inform the public about matters of interest or urgency."

The priesthood should be dissolving, not gaining strength -- yet rulings and legislation like these move things in precisely the wrong direction."


Blogger an orange said...

How awful - that decision is bound to be overturned in the future, I'd imagine.

7:39 pm  
Anonymous ss minnow said...

So long as the integrity of the Courts to interpret the Constitution hs not been compromised by the fascist one-party rule in Congress and the White House.

9:16 pm  

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