Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The New World Order and the War on Women

William Bowles reviews
'Caliban And The Witch' Wed Feb 9 Audio
Interview: William Bowles,
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"Within the pages of this book lie the reasons that explain why men and women now inhabit different worlds, for the reasons are not biologically determined but most definately ideological in origin but because their roots are buried in the hidden history of the rise of capitalism some five hundred years ago, the reality of today appears as something natural."

"Piercing the veil of something so deeply rooted in Western culture as to obliterate any other interpretation of the causes of events is no mean feat, made all the more difficult because of the power that men have over virtually every aspect of inquiry; history, science, economics, psychology, sexuality, medicine and of course, politics."

"For without questioning/understanding what it is to be a man or a woman in a world shaped by capital for the past 500 or so years, it is impossible to comprehend just how devastating the triumph of capital was for humanity but especially for women and for people of colour and of course, ultimately, for men also. For Federici demonstrates that the rise of (wage) slavery upon which capitalism depended, needed first to destroy the world of women and in very specific ways."


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