Tuesday, March 08, 2005

15% of Americans Tune In to Blogs

A little light shed on blog readerships by a survey of where people got their news and views during the presidential election runup. The random survey of 2,200 adults, included 1,324 Internet users. So, about 60% of people had the Net.

Of those, 43 percent visit the major news sites like MSNBC, CNN and The NYT. Just 28 percent primarily used news pages of America Online Inc., Yahoo Inc. But candidate Web sites and Web journals, attracted 24 percent.

So a healthy 15% of all Americans are turned on to blogs.


Blogger Ian Schwartz said...

I dont see where it says "15% of Americans tune into blogs" in the article. Nor do I see any statistic that gives a relative number around 15%. Quite hypocritical for someone who criticized those who weren't "on the ball" in the Italian journalist situation.

8:02 pm  
Blogger ~A! said...

Funny thing, Ian. It's called mathematics, and they used to teach it in school. Try it sometime, it's really quite enjoyable.


3:06 am  

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