Thursday, June 02, 2005

11 Thrown in Prison for Refusing Vaccine

Eleven men in Mali were jailed after refusing to let their children receive the polio vaccine. The men were charged with 'resistance, disobedience and rebellion against public authorities' and sentenced to between six months and three years in prison.

The Mali incident reported by Reuters earlier this month is further evidence of the resistance mounting to repeated mass oral polio vaccination (OPV) in developing countries. Reading between the lines, the somber report confirms the lengths to which the World Health Organization (WHO), other international vaccination groups, and local governments are willing to go to suppress the opposition.

Beyond the machinations of this report, the incident throws a spotlight on the indifference these organizations have towards basic human rights and personal liberties, and the ease at which they obliterate these rights in the name of 'health' and 'protection.'.....


Anonymous Take the Power BACK said...

If you would like a good example of where Alex Jones is coming from. Here
he is busy promoting the Bird Flu fear campaign.

SARS was a trial run and it was a fraud! Bird Flu is another trick waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting populace.

Everyone catches the flu but taking Tamiflu will likely be fatal.

Time to wake up or die!

6:20 pm  
Anonymous Take the Power Back said...

To put it more succinctly. "Bird Flu" is the joker in the global criminal dictatorship's deck.

6:52 pm  
Anonymous vegetarian said...

Those diseases and cures sure are a scam. But "everyone catches the flu" is not really true. I haven't been ill since I changed my lifestyle a few years ago. There are many people for whom illness is not an issue. Find out what works for you, practice personal responsibility... and yes, take back your health power.

here are a couple links to start,

8:33 pm  
Anonymous Take the Power Back said...

True, no one needs to catch the flu but most people don't practice good nutrition or a healthy lifestyle, for those people, catching the flu regularly is just normal.

The trick, as is the case with AIDS, is the false diagnosis of a phantom terminal illness and the subsequent application of a leathal treament. There is a reason why SARS hit health workers and hospitals so hard. They had the best access to the testing and the treatment. Health workers are also the most indoctrinated by the sickness industry propoganda, so they are the most vunerable to the scam. The real trick behind the scam is in the testing for the disease. Test kits that give false positives. Find the source of the test kits and you'll be getting close to finding the people behind the coming mass murder. In the Bird Flu propaganda it is said that massive doeses of Tamiflu must be administered within 2 days of contact with the desease. Not a lot of time for a second opinion.

6:28 am  
Blogger oneeyeclosed said...

have the authority to arrest,
quarrantine,and destroy sheeple
who have a lethal comunicable
disease..."resistance is futile"
concentration camps(ala gitmo)
on U.S soil are manned and ready...
remember we are "at war"
and martial law is subtly in place...
Protest demos are compromised by
enemy agents from various global interests...
global slave labor is in place
How long will Tyrants reign?
History declares for ever
This American experiment in
freedom is currently being undermined by global tyrants
Biowarfare has been used by
every civilization
new lab-produced bioagents
are ready for dispersion
by the Ruling elite
at any time...
Jesus said:"this generation(of vipers)
shall not pass away until all
comes to pass"
G-d bless this Republic
Having traveled the globe
whenever I see the US flag
my heart and faith is lifted up.
"When the people fear the govt
there is no liberty,when the govt
fears the people; there is liberty''
there are few ways to restore
freedom--1.revoke the charters
of the multinationals...prosecute
the tyrants...the tyrants know
that eventualy we all die...
including the tyrants...
they do not believe there is a
judgement awaiting them after death
The odds seem to be in their favor?

10:55 pm  
Blogger oneeyeclosed said...

inhale saying "yawhe"
exhale saying "..."
send me one gold dinar
for the sacred secret word
you exhale
and practice for when the 2 become 1--you will have overcome the world
the rest is silence...

12:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

levity, not gravity.
first there is a mountain...

8:46 pm  

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