Thursday, May 19, 2005

The United States of Infantilization

by Gary Corseri

We are infantilized. The snake-charming despots who rule America—who endeavor to rule the world—have succeeded in maintaining us in a state of suspended animation—not quite adult, not quite human. They can lie us into war and tell us they love freedom (like George W., the cowardly draft-dodging warmonger). They can torture in our name for the sake of our oil supplies and their profits.

Cynical Congressmen and Supreme Court Justices collude in the fabrications, shake their heads, blame the U.N. A Murdoch-fearing, kowtowing media pimp the lies and bury the information that replenishes democracy. Freedom without wisdom is a tree without roots. Intent to impose our brand of “freedom” abroad, we allow it to wither in the home of the brave.

Electoral politics cannot succeed in this kind of climate, where a sleeping, narcotized public is deluged with mis- and disinformation....


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