Thursday, April 14, 2005

UN : Latest Neocon Con

"When you hear Neocons discuss the scandals at the UN, the reform needed to address them, the expressed desire for a more effective institution, or America’s difficulties there, forget it completely. These folks are just as interested in saving the UN as an effective institution as they are in saving Social Security.

"The tactic –in both cases, actually– is to create or inflate ‘crises’, act like you really care about the item in question (e.g., the Iraqi people, Social Security, the UN), and then jam your march-to-the-sea scorched earth plan down people’s throats in the guise of a solution to the bogus crises you’ve just invented or hyped.

"And this is exactly what the regressive right is doing with respect to the UN, only subtly...


Anonymous b said...

Hell, they'll save it and praise it, if they can run it.

Where's that Gannon guy, again? He understands these integrity matters.

12:01 am  

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