Thursday, March 31, 2005

Photo-faking The World Trade Center Fall

Some persons unknown are trying hard, very hard, to convince you that the top of the World Trade Center South Tower was intact and tilting as the building fell.

Only thing is.... some commonly referenced
photos which seem to show this happening
are fakes.

Clear evidence that the official story of 9/11 is not true.
Otherwise, why bother to fake these photos?
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Photo-faking the WTC Fall,
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What would be a word/s to describe a red herring of a red herring? Not so much a challenge of this analysis, rather more furrowing of brow.... why is time and energy is going to this detail? (to say little of why this detail is balanced, if not wholly outweighed, by tactical questions of simple economy of resource on the part of 9/11 perpetrators)

Again I call for two separate "wiki" style aggregators for the remainder of this effort. One, fully anarchical and combative, the other evolving with moderators.

My reason? Because we can surely draw together in short order, a listing of challenge points to the Official story. Things such as war games and what effectively equated to stand down orders topping our wiki hierarchy, while photo manipulation existing at a slightly lower level of strata in this thoughtful argument.

Am I posing something with a more unifying value then what is in my opinion, divisive? A strongly divisive topic such as photoshopping 9/11. Photo manipulation is not pivotal to the execution of this crime. That it has been done, located, analyzed and presented in argument against Kean, is a red herring of a red herring. Yes?

2:17 pm  
Anonymous Jonathon said...

I agree with Eric Hufschmid ( that there is no need for further investigation. There already exists mountains of evidence showing the complicity of the US Government and US Media in the events and ensuing cover-up of 9/11.

Mr. Hufschmid goes on to say that the conversation should now focus on what needs to be done to correct the problems that lead to the 9/11 attacks. A conversation with many possible avenues to be sure.

I think the most productive use of a Truth Activist's time is educating more and more people. There is a reason for this beyond the warm fuzzy of waking people up. It goes something like this...

We are not the first people to realize that 9/11 was staged by those now profiting from it. As Don de Grand-Pre states, military officers have been aware of the true nature of the problem since the fall of 2001. It also stands to reason (& I have been told) that Intelligence Officers recognized the military-like precision of the attacks as soon as they occurred. Also, I believe that there are decent people involved in the US Government & Military that are prepared to openly act against the treasonous elements.

Obviously most people (the public) are not in a position to counter the "Administrative Coup" that was 9/11. So what can we do to help FIX THE PROBLEM? The public must vocally show knowledge of & support for the truth so that whistle blowers will feel it's safe to come forward. Those in a position to start correcting the problems that led to 9/11 should be able to know that they can count on the support of the general population. That is why mass education is still important.

8:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the previous bloggers ...

OK, so we now know everything there is to know about 911 and where are we? F*cking nowhere! You can buy the psyop that its all been explained and the fat lady is singing, but I will ask you again, where are we? Not one main stream media type investigator will touch your pile of documented facts, leading to a prosecution of any of the guilty parties. You can scream and b*tch that you have all the answers. You're talking to the hand and nobody is listening, and why should they? The average person is quite happy in his/her mistaken pursuit of money, power and baby making. Why would they want to put any energy in "your truth" when there is no substance in theirs?

The only way to get people interested, is not demanding any action from them at all, just slowly introduce methodical analysis of the issues. Clubs and sticks may work for the neocons and stupid, but we need to be the "smart monkeys".

At this point, the best we may ever be able to do is to teach people to become their own "oracles". By studying things like 911, we may learn how to see the disasters coming. I am not a defeatist or puppet of the psyop folks, just a realist and I am profoundly saddened by the deaths of the people during that planned event. I now know too much, I was there when it happened and saw it with my own eyes. It is not possible for me to project my personal trauma into anybody's brain, they will always be emotionally detached and I will spend the rest of my life trying to "live with it".

Like it or not, Fintan is teaching you a skill that you should have learned in your government funded school system ... its called "analytical thought". Learn it, use it, stop the bastards before they do it again! They have learned one thing that you haven't, they see through the mirror and you don't, get it?

11:54 pm  

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