Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Idiot Majority think bin Laden wil be caught

First, here's the lead from the MSNBC article: "Pakistani and American officials said Tuesday the hunt for top al-Qaida and Taliban leaders would continue, but acknowledged the trail was cold."

Nevertheless in an instant poll on MSNBC, currently 53% of over a quarter of a million poll respondents think bin Laden will be caught "without doubt". Another 22% think bin Laden will never be caught and 25% are unsure.

Here's news for the idiot majority:

Bin laden is DEAD.
Al-Zarqawi is DEAD.
Saddam is DEAD. see wagkingdom.com/saddamplicity.htm

You guys been watching too much TV.

My favorite Saddam quote is from our Saddamplicity page:
Jassim Abu Ahmed almost spits his disgust at the television set showing yet another image of the dazed and bedraggled Saddam Hussein. "It's not him," Mr. Ahmed says, waving his hand and looking away from the screen. "Everybody knows it's not him. Why do they keep showing this?" Globe and Mail 18 Dec, 2003

U. S. officials quoted by MSNBC seem to think Al Qaida is a business:

"Bin Laden acts more like a non-executive chairman of the board rather than the chief executive officer. Similarly, his No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, also appears to be operating less like a chief operating officer, the officials said."

So, the new rising al Qaida star is Abu Faraj al Libi supposedly the group's operations chief. I don't think he will do.

Just try saying his name. Compared to Osaaaaaama or Zarqaaaaaaaaawi, it just has no cadence. Very poor brand marketing.

The Guy needs to change his name fast.
Or else Al Qaida will surely um... loose market share.


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