Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Zarqawi Hails Katrina's 'Divine Strike' on US

Reputed Al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has hailed the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina as beginning of the end for the United States.

"It is the start of its collapse," said an unverified Internet statement purportedly from the Al-Qaeda chief.

"America has been hit by a divine strike. The curses of the oppressed have been fulfilled," the Zarqawi statement said Sunday. "God is on the lookout (to punish) the oppressors."


But 'Zarqawi' is not alone thinking it's the beginning of the end. US talk radio host , George Noory believes the hurricane is clear evidence that civilization is now in the "End Times" described in the Bible.

"I always wonder," he mused aloud during a show last week. "Why did this have to happen now? ...I mean why would divine Providence want this to happen to us now?"

Maybe he should ask George Bush --who has a hotline to the Almighty.

Maybe he should ask the DIA and CIA. 'Zarqawi' is long discredited as a construction of US propaganda. His internet statements are designed to give the western public the impression that foreign Al-Qaeda fighters --rather than local Iraqi resistance-- are the opposition to the US occupation of Iraq.

And Noory's Coast to Coast was recently named by us in our CIA Fakes list. Noory too, follows an agenda dictated by the same behind-the-scenes US intelligence interests.

This agency-created "end times" hoopla has been a useful way of roping in Bush's wilder fundamentalist supporters in the US. Noory's clearly now remarketing the same nonsense to an audience more used to aliens than stigmata. With Zarqawi chiming in for effect.

Looks like the CIA have everybody firmly "on message".