Friday, September 02, 2005

Cannibalism in New Orleans

WagNews Comments: The cannibalism reports have already become
a political football at a national level in the US, but are still hard to nail down
to any specifics. But it's not only a national-level spin. These reports are also
on local channels. As a BFN correspondent writes:
BFN Correspondent: The effects of Katrina are really bad and much worse than is being reported! I have been watching the unedited local news feeds off my cable system. The number of dead bodies is uncountable and there are reports of cannibalism .... yes I did say that. :-(

Mainstream media footage shows few if any corpses, but local channels depict many bodies in the flood waters. The first case of cholera has been found. By the way, rather than survivors shooting at helicopters, they are simply shooting to attract the atention of rescue aircraft.

The mainstream media is not even close to describing what is going on in New Orleans. Keep an eye on the internet for the real news, especially this time around because the "spin" is f***ing intolerable and inpenetrable."