Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Was 'Mormon Law' Rave Bust A PsyOp?

What the $*&! is going on in Utah?

Partygoers who attended a Utah County music rave over the wekend are still reeling, after foul-mouthed, police SWAT teams in military-style fatigues used guns and tear gas to close down the event.

Police in Utah County's 90% Mormon community, gave new meaning to the term "War on Drugs", by the clearly brutal and excessive force used to clear the crowd. But don't just take my word for it. Try these extracts from the rather conservative, Salt Lake Tribune:
Police clear out the event and question attendees.As many as 90 police officers from several agencies, including SWAT members and major crimes investigators, stormed the DJ-driven dance party around 11:30 p.m. dressed in full SWAT gear and holding automatic weapons.

A helicopter announced the police presence as it crested a nearby hill and began shining a spotlight on the outdoor dance area, said 19-year-old Scott Benton of Logan.

"The cops just came in wearing full Army [camouflage]. It was basically brute force," Benton said. "I had a gun put in my face and was told to get out of there."

Alisha Matagi says she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when she was thrown to the ground, punched, kicked and handcuffed by police. Several party attendees told The Salt Lake Tribune that officers barked orders fraught with profanity, beat people to the ground and used their weapons to intimidate the crowd. Utah County Sheriff James Tracy said Monday that he had seen the video and called it an accurate representation of the bust.

Police arresting more attendees.In the video, the area where people had been dancing transforms into what looks like a battlefield with groups of officers surrounding ravers on the ground, guns drawn and assault dogs in tow. "I saw a girl tackled to the ground for no reason because she told them not to touch her. It was vicious," Benton said.

Party promotor Brandon Fullmer said he purchased a mass gathering permit through the Utah County Health Department about three weeks ago. Fullmer did not know that a similar permit, which requires a security plan and event details, needed to be acquired.
The question of whether the promoters legally required that second permit could come back to haunt the unapologetic police. Utah County Ordinance prohibits the assembly of more than 250 people without a permit. But the additional permit seems only to be required for events lasting "for twelve or more consecutive hours". [pdf Section 13-4-2-1]


Where this gets curiouser is that George Noory's, Coast to Coast AM show did a feature on the bust up. As one campaigner recounts:
"Last night I sent an email into George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM late night talk show, regarding this mess in Utah. This show covers obscure stories, conspiracy stuff and government exposure. It's syndicated nationally on commercial and satellite radio and has millions of listeners every night. I'm seriously still in awe that he actually read my emails and did a piece about it."
He is not the only one in awe! It's not Noory's typical fare. What's he trying to do? Muscle in on Alex Jones' police state territory?

Joking aside, Amy Goodman's 'Democracy Now', more predictably also covered the dramatic incident. [Later in their show, they reported on the use of tazers against anti-war demonstrators attempting to shut down a military recruiting center in Pittsburgh, PA.]

Here's the kicker. All this comes just as an antiwar momentum is building around the recent protests by Cindy Sheehan and her supporters.

Is someone trying to send a message to potential anti-establishment protestors?

Let's say you want to set a "police state" tone to minimize opposition to the war, ahead of planned Fall antiwar protests. Let's say your buddies in Utah are only too willing to stage an over-the-top exhibition of police excess. Once the deed is done, you now need to spread the word of the event. Which is where your stooges among the CIA Fakes come in. They pump up the volume on the issue to ensure maximum spread of the PsyOp.

It's subtle intimidation, no more.

And it reminds me of the infamous incident in los Angeles, just after the establishment ignored the people's decision in the 2004 presidential election and installed Bush anyway.

A few days after the result of that stolen election was announced, on the evening of November 9, 2004 two armored tanks paid a visit to an anti-war protest in front of the federal building in Westwood. The tanks were quickly withdrawn, and official army sources claimed some unit has gotten "lost". But the incident made an impression on a young population still seething with disbelief at the election outcome.

To me, the latest incident has the same M.O.

The right kind of subtle intimidation by means of PsyOp, can be more effective than actual physical confrontation --which might provoke a more determined protest, and perhaps even wide public support for the protestors.

Expect a sheen of "how dare they infringe our civil liberties" in left-wing reaction to the raid. But the PsyOp boys don't care how your mind reacts in words. What matters to them is how your unconscious responds to images (-not words) of police brutality.

The level beneath words, is where many PsyOps are aimed.

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