Saturday, August 27, 2005

'Tipping Point' on Iraq is a Media Con

"We may be getting close to a tipping point in terms of support
for the Iraq war." - Alan Bock 26 Aug, 2005

"Has the 'Tipping Point' on Iraq Been Reached?"
- Jim Lobe 19 Aug, 2005

"The Iraq war 'tipping point' ?"
- Tom Regan 22 Aug, 2005
by Fintan Dunne, 27 Aug, 2005

Mainstream and alternative media are being extremely misleading with talk of a "tipping point" in U.S. support for Bush's policies in Iraq.

Tipping point?? Among those with strong opinions, almost two and a half times as many are against Bush policies, as for them!

The key development of the last three months is not the overall figures, but the collapse in support among strong backers of the Bush administration's Iraq policies.

As measured by an Ipsos/AP poll, strong support has crashed from a quarter of the U.S. population to one fifth, in the period June to August, 2005.

Iraq is an issue on which over 70% of people hold hardened views, compared to 26% with mild opinions. That makes the fall in strong support highly significant. Yet the Associated Press reports:
"Overall attitudes about the war — while negative — haven't changed
dramatically through the summer." - Will Lester 26 Aug, 2005
THE 50/50 LIE

"Tipping point" is when things are finely balanced. Like say, 50 -50. Like say, an anti-war mother versus a pro-war mother. Whom do you back? 50 -50. That's the cunning spin.

But back in June those strongly opposed already outnumbered backers of Bush policies by 45% to 26%. Now they eclipse them by 46% to 20%, almost two and a half to one.

In truth, the tipping point is long, long past.

We now have a meltdown of core Bush support.

Remember the misleading media maps of the presidential election outcome. Supposedly the U.S.A. was awash with red Republican votes. Supposedly, the 'fundies' had redrawn U.S. politics for GW. But, those maps -like the rest of Bush's "victory"- were just an illusion. The truth was much less Red.

The states where George Bush did well, have huge land areas but few people. Adjusting for actual population and stolen votes shows a Purple America where legions of fundamentalist Bush supporters are merely a myth.

Now, the latest poll shows core Bush backers on Iraq at only 20%. That's much more like the measure of the Bush bedrock support -a far cry from a majority. Tough luck cowboy.

Don't let the media away with the "tipping point" lie. They helped steal the election, now they're sealing the public's true opinions. Email this article to antiwar activists. The electronic 'Bush' telegraph is vital. After all, your friends won't be hearing this from the media. Not even the alternative media, it seems.

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