Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Positive Email Responses to CIA Fakes article

Here's a selection of the positive responses we have
had by email about the
CIA Internet Fakes article.

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Dear, dear Fintan

Your 'CIA Fake' analysis is absolutely spot on. Bravo: You - and Kathy - deserve a media award, though of course that would indicate your selling out ala Bob Geldof, KBE. Watch this space: Bonio will be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize as soon as you can say G8 puppet, mark my words.

Keep going, get stronger; alienate yourself from these Muppets - stand alone. I always knew you were closing in on the fakers; call it male intuition (yes Kathy, us men get it too)....

Hi Kathy & Fintan,

Thanks for that clarification interview. Fintan, speaking for myself, I think sometimes you get too far ahead of the game and assume that others are also up to speed, though I’m sure many are....
Hi Fintan,

You certainly have something, Fintan, but backing your theories with fact is essential. Here's something to help you:

The Lincoln Group, psyops specialist, just linked forces with powerful lobbyist BKSH (headed by Charlie Black, ex-spokeman to Bush I, work in Iraq (Chalabi, INC), Iran (Radio Voice Iran), the EU, Yukos (Russian Oil Co) etc.)....
Hello Fintan,

I've just been exploring your website and audio for the last several
days, having discovered it in the wake of the London bombings. Great
stuff, very intelligent and provocative....

Hello and Greetings Fintan…

I have to say I was very impressed with your honest analysis on current
events (The London 7/7 bombs) and I have also taken time to go over several
of your postings and articles. The reason why I say "impressed…" was that I
have been reading a lot of the postings (internet fakes) from the other
sites on and off for the past few years....

Kathy/Fintan... Yo,

Yeoman enterprise you're doing, for which the planetary birth of cosmic youth smiles, however infantilely... :-} If you are correct in identification of Jeff Rense, in particular, as a CIA-gent, then you'll want to pay particular attention to the Thursday August 25th program. All three hours devoted to Greg Szymanki's *find* Janet Parker.....


I noticed that Steve Quayle's site was missing from your list of "CIA Fakes." Maybe he deserves a category of his own. Every time he appears with Noory on Coast to Coast my roses grow three feet......

Hello Fintan,

Found your site last night off Cryptome. At first I was alittle taken aback. I have supplied Mike Rivero material since before 911. And ya, Alex is a dip nuts in Austin. Although I have contacts there that have had run ins with spooks. I have also had an "interview" by the Secret Service back in 2003.....

CIA internet fakes ?!

You guys have a lot of courage. I have suspected many of these, but others are a complete surprise to me. WOW !!!.... I am also surprised that YOWUSA.com is not on your list. It certainly is difficult to discern who you can trust.