Friday, August 26, 2005

Our Good Friends in the CIA - NOT !

Maybe Xymphora is treading carefully after our revelations about the CIA Fakes, because the blog is now distancing itself from ex-FBI, 'Dog WhistleBlower' (can't hear it), Sibel Edmonds:
"Edmonds sometimes makes me a bit nervous as she seems overly adept with the terms and arguments of conspiracy theory for someone who is supposed to have been a lowly FBI translator." [Source]
That move has become necessary for Xymphora -who is marketed with an image of a reasonable, impartial analyst. Nevertheless, despite covering his ass with that comment, the blog goes on to fully endorse the spin I call "our good friends in the CIA":
"Is she part of the battle in Washington between the Bush Administration enablers involved in the drugs/arms business who don't mind directly or indirectly supporting al Qaeda if it is good for business, and those old-fashioned types who still consider that dealing with American enemies is treason?"
This is the heavily, slickly-promoted notion that within the CIA (and FBI) are loyal, patriotic Americans (Edmonds, Scheuer, McGovern, et al) outraged by the Neocon coup. They are fighting the Neocons. They are on our side.

Rubbish. This whole thing is a CIA deception.

Here's news, if you didn't know: intelligence agencies don't just manipulate external events, they manipulate the image of themselves that is presented in mainstream and alternative media.

These deceptions also enable them to place operatives who present with a cover of being "outcasts" from the system.

The alternative media is ridden with ex-FBI, ex-CIA, ex-NSA, ex-MI5 people who are on "our side". It's all total BS.

Back to Xymphora, spinning the lie some more:
"We should see the battle concerning the lies created by friends of Israel to trick Americans into the attack on Iraq, and the whole AIPAC scandal, as part of the same larger war."
He's right. The AIPAC scandal, the dancing Israeli's of 9/11, and the CIA-FBI-NSA-MI5 whistleblowers are indeed part of the same war.

The same phantom, non-existent war.

It's a comfort-blanket fairytale. A 9/11 deception.

We have no good friends in the CIA.

Not now. Not ever. Never.