Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mickey Atta and the Big McWhoppers

Atta, Atta, Atta, Atta, Atta.

Atta, Atta Atta.

Each new "question" raised about Atta is designed to relentlessly focus on the official patsy. But you're supposed to think these are "breakthroughs" by the CIA Fake conspiracy sites.

The 9/11 perpetrators carefully designed this wild back-story for Atta in every detail, but you are not supposed to figure that out. It's all thousands of miles from the major crime scene at the WTC, but then this is hamburger-style conspiracy marketing. Grab an Atta McWhopper.

Many of the Fakes are running the Able Danger story about a secret intelligence unit which had identified Atta either in 2000, or in late 1999 -while Clinton was still running things. The spin is that this shows how fraudulent is the Bush administration official line on Atta. As usual, it sounds promising on first sight. It's Bush's fault.

But, puzzlingly, Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax and other right-wing media are running the same story. But their take is that the Clinton Justice Department leaned on the DIA to squelch the report. So it's Clinton's fault.

More spin alleges that the CIA knew but never told the 9/11 Commission, and that a culture of "obstructionism" still prevails in the agency. So it's the CIA's fault.

Also doing the rounds, is the account of a "suspicious" visit by Atta to a gambling ship owned by Republican money-man, Jack Abramoff. All that is being loosely connected to Al-Qaida drug dealing and money laundering. So it's the Saudi's fault.

And all the while, as Sibel Edmonds implies, it's the FBI's fault and the Israeli's fault.

Amazing, isn't it, that one story can be spun so many different directions.

Everything "discovered" about Mohammed Atta was planned. Atta-Boy's job was to smear a false trail of associations all over the Florida landscape.

But when it comes down to it, it's all LIHOP. Bush/Cheney had the motive and let it happen on purpose. Throw in Al-Qaida, some drugs, a few Republicans and Saudis . Now you have means and opportunity. The LIHOP is complete.

So, let's drop the BS.

The CIA-backed "conspiracy theory" features scapegoats GWB and Cheney, whose LIHOP sins will remain forever unproven, but deeply suspected.

Their official conspiracy theory diversion patsy is as pervasive as Mickey Mouse: the over-the-top, tabloid Atta.

The hazy connections supposedly run to the drugs trade, Jeb Bush, the Saudis and of course the Zionist Mossad [who are reputedly cunning in the extreme, but somehow also so dumb that they leave a wide trail of incompetent operatives arrested nationwide in suspicious circumstances].

In other words, the government-sponsored 9/11 conspiracy theory is a masterpiece of loose innuendo designed to appeal to many target markets. From MadCowProd to Newsmax to Time magazine.

Same story, same actors, different spins. Cute.

It generates a lot of column inches though, eh? Keeps everybody real busy.

Always a new "breakthrough" on the CIA Fake sites.