Thursday, August 25, 2005

Just Another Day in the Fake Media

Grit your teeth as we trawl through some news stories from
the CIA Fakes. Just to get a feel for the typical BS on offer.
RAVE SHOCK HORROR is running big with the Utah Rave bust by police SWAT teams dressed in military fatigues. He's not the only one. The story is all over. Yesterday we wondered if this was actually a slick PsyOp aimed at intimidating antiwar protest, but posing as an anti-government story.

Well, the heavy spin today by the Fakes indicates that's precisely what it is. Rense's caption gives the game away. "CLAMPDOWN" -it proclaims. OMG it's the POLICE STATE. Arrrrgh! Alex Jones was RIGHT all along!



Artic Beccon is still getting mileage out of a tale about a missile striking the Pentagon, rather than a plane. The story cites a radiation expert who claims high radiation readings were measured near the pentagon after 9/11. That indicates a depleted uranium missile may have been used, says the story. Gasp.

Sound promising, but then article casually drops a mention about determining if the DU came from a missile or "ballast". Don't know if you are aware that they use depleted uranium in aircraft as ballast, but they do. [Crazy I know, but they do.]

Therefore the radiation could arguably have come from DU bricks in an airliner --not from a DU warhead on a missile. So the story sort of fizzles out.

MISSING? is running a promo asking for a nationwide campaign to get people to check their deceased service members against the TBR alphabetized list of fatalities. They say that 9,000 have died --far in excess of the official figures. Does something strike you about this?

Every one of these 7,000 or so allegedly undeclared deceased service members have family and many relations. So there must be 100,000 people in the USA who haven't noticed that their deceased relative is not on the major media's online official casualty pages. Or who have noticed, but this is being suppressed by the media.

Hold on. Just 10 GIs who were deceased --but not on the lists-- would be an unstoppable national story.

Sorry, doesn't hold water.