Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Gay Meteorite in Pedophile Coup Bid

Breaking: A Four Star General has
been relieved of his command for
hindering a planned coup involving
a gay earthbound meteorite -which
is part of aKarl Rove pedophile sex
ring. Much of the earth is expected
to be destroyed....

New Audio show: A send up of the latest Coup & Nuke scare story from the CIA's fearmonger crew; also some interesting information on the as yet unmentioned Abu Ghraib connection.

Listen mp3: DSL or 56k
with Fintan Dunne & Kathy McMahon.

How a link on WhatReallyHappened leads to a story on PrisonPlanet about a Coup and a fake Nuke Attack on the U.S. --the same story being also on CloakandDagger with a link to a report on WhatDoesItMean --the website of David Booth who was on Coast toCoast, Rense and MysteriesOfTheMind in Feb, 2004 with a previous scare of imminent destruction --which never happened. And how lurid tales of pedophilia on MysteriesOfTheMind about 'Johnny Gosh', have been layered onto the widely known Jeff Gannon story.

All part of a plan to smear an aura of tabloid sleaze around 'conspiracy' on the Internet, thus discrediting 9/11 skeptics and others with
'conspiracy theories.'