Monday, July 11, 2005

Wave of Attacks Kills 50 in Iraq

[AP] - A man strapped with explosives has blown himself up at an Iraqi military recruiting center, one of series of suicide attacks that killed at least 48 people. Five U.S. troops were also wounded in an IED attack in southeastern Baghdad.

Sunday's deadliest attack hit the army recruiting center at Muthana airfield in central Baghdad when a man dressed in civilian clothes detonated two explosive-laden belts among a crowd of recruits, killing 25 others and wounding nearly 50.

Two suicide car bombers also killed at least seven Iraqi customs officials at the Walid border crossing into Syria, and a suicide car bomber also rammed into a police convoy carrying an Iraqi brigadier general near the northern city of Mosul, killing five policemen and wounding three. A suicide car bomb in Kirkuk killed at least four civilians and wounding 15, according to police. Two other suicide car bombers struck near Fallujah, killing an Iraqi civilian and wounding a Marine, the U.S. Marines said.


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