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Rise of The G8 New World Order

By Fintan Dunne, Editor
July 7th, 2005 11am ET

Losing the war against the Iraqi resistance, and with collapsing U.S. support for the occupation of Iraq, ruthless black-operations agents of the covert forces behind the G8 so-called War on Terror staged a series of bomb blasts in London, early Thursday.

The attacks conform to a pattern of civilian-directed psychological operations, of which the Bali and Madrid bombings were a precedent. A claim of responsibility from a previously unknown Al-Qaida group provided an immediate scapegoat. Telephone networks in London may have been disabled to increase the psychological effect.

The bombings come just a day after London was selected to host the 2012 Olympic games, and after a world focus on London as part of the Live 8 concert events. Were the attack to have taken place just 24hrs. before -it would have scuppered London's bid for the games.

Leaders of the G8 immediately lined up somberly behind British prime minister, Tony Blair as he vowed to win against the "terrorists." U.S. President, George W. Bush later declared that "the war on terrorism goes on."

The resulting public relations image portrayed by the western corporate media is effectively presenting the G8 as a de facto world government, rising to power on the basis of their self-portrayal as defenders of our freedoms.

Real Terrorists Emerge

Since the 9/11 attacks, many people who do not buy the official line that Islamic "terrorists" carried them out have been carefully influenced to suspect the real perpetrators were solely a rogue group loosely identified with the Bush, oil, military cartel.

However, this author on 10th June, 2004 clearly identified the ongoing crisis flowing from 9/11, as a geopolitical maneuver by the G8.

This time last year we also clearly identified Africa as their next target. An extract from that article "Dawn of the G8 New World Order" follows below.

Then last month, we spotlighted the sellout as U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, sat down next to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, to lend the endorsement of the United Nations to a policy of genocide against the Sunni of Iraq. [Kofi and Condi's Big Iraq Sellout]

And just a week ago, in a further analysis entitled "Live8 is an NWO Psyop - so is AIDS", we again identified the role of the G8 in the carefully staged "popular" fanfare around the campaign for African debt relief. That campaign is a PR cover for the G8's Africa campaign.

The latest events in London, now confirm our earlier analysis was correct.

We are witnessing a series of choreographed psychological-military operations inspired by core elements of the G8, which are designed to stampede people into casting aside hard won civil liberties, while moving to a global governmental/military/economic order based on the values of power and money -not social development, equity and justice.

The poor of the Americas, Asia and Africa will be the ones who pay the highest price.

However, there is a tactic which can defeat this ruthless group.

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G8 NWO : A Status Report
Following the London bombs, the NWO Project is less sure than
it looks, reports Fintan Dunne in this analysis of the G8 PsyOp War.


Prediction from June, 2004:

Dawn of the G8 New World Order

10th June, 2004 by Fintan Dunne, Editor

In the last few days the totalitarian domination of the developing world has solidified around the annexation of Iraq. And the G8 elite have moved swiftly on to outline the next phase of their New World Order.

Just days ago, the U.N. rubber-stamped an Iraqi puppet government --complete with a CIA-sponsored Iraqi president --and a U.S. ambassador with a blind spot about death squads. It was the ultimate bad-cop: the USA, and the pseudo good-cop: the UN --dropping the facade and carving up Iraq together.

Now the G8 summit in Georgia has just announced a 50,000 strong global "peacekeeping" force --aimed first at Africa. And they simultaneously declared a "partnership" with a zone called "Broader Middle East and North Africa." U.S. Centcom, in other words.

Next comes the carve up of Africa, and the rest of the Middle East. Next comes the continuation of genocidal policies against the world's poor. Next comes the global corporate order. Resource pillage.

Welcome to the G8 New Word Order....


Analysis from June, 23rd 2005:

Kofi & Condi's Big Iraq Sellout

by Fintan Dunne, Editor, 7/1/'05

It's the G8 New World Order! In Brussels on Wednesday 22nd June, at an international conference on the future of Iraq, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, sat down next to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, to lend the endorsement of the United Nations to a policy of genocide against the Sunni of Iraq.

This is the same U.N. which postured against the illegal invasion of Iraq. This is the same EU which supposedly opposed the same invasion. In the interim, the occupation forces have ironically and ruthlessly bombed Iraq with nuclear weapons; flattened Fallujah and slaughtered up to 6,000 of it's inhabitants with napalm, nerve gas and other weapons of mass destruction.

The U.N. and EU political opposition to the invasion was fake. Merely a sop to outraged public opinion in countries around the world. The gloves have been off for quite a while....


Analysis from July, 1st 2005:

Live8 is an NWO Psyop - so is AIDS

by Fintan Dunne, Editor, 7/1/'05

Live8. There hasn't been anything like it since... well since the last Pharma-inspired major world PsyOp: the so-called SARS epidemic which 'raged' at exactly the time the U.S. wanted to turn eyes away from Iraq -and yet maintain the elevated sense of threat which the Iraq invasion had created.

Populations who perceive themselves as under threat are more right-wing in their political and social expression.
Pharma's interests and those of the G8 New World Order are as one, needless to say. The attitude to Africa which the G8/Pharma want us to have is that it should be seen as a failing continent in need of a swift colonial power-grab by the G8 to rescue it from the maw of both AIDS and poverty...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blair has now already annouced it is the work of Islamic terrorists. Just as Jack Straw did within hours of the Istanbul bombing during Bush's London visit.

Sure this atrocity will get through legislation for the RFID Biometric ID card system in the UK if not the whole of Europe, as well as distract from the corporate takeover of Africa via the G8 debt forgiveness trogan but it will also by association link anti globilist groups to Al-Goldstein-ciada.

The question though is, why now? Is this as Putin said "an attack against all civilised countries". Or was that code language for the "Oil economies" to secure those oil fields.

I think it is time to re-evaluate the peak oil story. Maybe it is not just oil company propaganda but a reality. If it is a reality then you can be sure we'll soon see proof of it in an event that will eclipse all others and mobilize all the "civilised" countries to defend those oil wells where ever they are.

5:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW, people! Are Bush and Blair the luckiest men in the world! And to think this happened on 7-7-7 .. 7/7/2005! These truly MUST be lucky numbers! Just think of all the important issues that WERE on the front burner, now conveniently get shoved to the back! Must be their lucky day ... right Carl? Love Ya! Smoochies!

7:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your pictures obscure the text..can this be fixed? A brilliant analysis...Just think,

a tanking war is pushed to the sidelines

karl rove's indictment pushed to the sidelines

Bush's tanking popularity shored up

Not bad for one terrist attack

7:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A quick response to the people still wrapped up in "Peak Oil". If you look at the weather reports ... you will notice that the tropical storms and hurricanes are targeting the Louisiana pan handle, just like they targeted Florida in 2004, in time for the election. This time they are conveniently interfering with oil processing and deliveries ... now $61 a barrel ... very fishy ....

7:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How stupid do these fuckheads think we are? The more they act on their plans, the more they give themselve's away. How much longer will it be before the masses wake up and demand an end to this god damned shit? Al Quaida my ass!!!

8:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yep phsyops in full flow here in london. BBC six o'clock news complete with subliminal text fading in and out. I actually lost count the number of times they said alciada.

Blair "To defend our values and our way of life is greater than their determination to cause death and destruction to innocent people in a desire to impose extremism on the world."

er hello how about your desire to impose democracy on the world!!

40 dead to over 100,000!!!!!

8:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And now more breaking news from "Gonad the Numbnut", "duh, duh, I wet um, should farts be lumpy"?

Now back to those who can do more than one thing at once ...

8:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets see how long this runs before im called an anti semite

For the first 90 minutes it was being reported by the British Transport Police as an incident on the underground where two trains maybe collided or a power cable exploded.

"Explosion in central London - reports
07/07/2005 - 09:05:57

Several people were injured today after an incident on the London Underground.

Emergency services were called to London’s Liverpool Street Station after reports of an explosion shortly before 9am.

British Transport Police said the incident, reported at at 8.49am on the Metropolitan Line between Liverpool Street and Aldgate, was thought to have been caused by a collision between two trains, a power cut or a power cable exploding."

One hour later....

"Several hurt as Tube 'power' blasts shut down network
07/07/2005 - 09:54:39

Several people were injured today after explosions blamed on a power surge closed down the entire London Underground network.

Passengers spoke of hearing a “huge thud” in one of the incidents at Edgware Road station. Travellers emerged from tunnels covered in blood and soot.

Emergency services reported several injuries.

Scotland Yard declared the emergency a “major incident”.

A British Transport Police (BTP) spokesman said that two trains remain stuck in tunnels at Edgware Road, but it is not known if they have collided or if passengers remain onboard."

So until 10 around o'clock it was being widely reported as a power cable blow out or a train collision.

Why was Benyamin Netanyahu being warned of a terrorist incident when it hadnt even been declared as a terrorist incident?

" Report: Israel Was Warned Ahead of First Blast
13:30 Jul 07, '05 / 30 Sivan 5765

( Army Radio quoting unconfirmed reliable sources reported a short time ago that Scotland Yard had intelligence warnings of the attacks a short time before they occurred.

The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the first explosion, a Liverpool Street train station, where he was to address and economic summit."

The first explosion happened at 8.51 ish opposite Netanyahu's hotel why would he need a warning if the bomb had already gone off?

So he was warned prior to the bomb going off!!

Who warned him?

"Just before the blasts, Scotland Yard called the security officer at the Israeli Embassy to say they had received warnings of possible attacks, the official said. He did not say whether British police made any link to the economic conference.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the nature of his position.

The Israeli Embassy was in a state of emergency after the explosions in London, with no one allowed to enter or leave, said the Israeli ambassador to London, Zvi Hefet.

All phone lines to the embassy were down, said Danny Biran, an Israeli Foreign Ministry official."

Now we know. He was warned in advance of the blasts by Scotland Yard!!

Bush and Blair in the Hague NOW!!

They are murdering scum - A hangman awaits them both. God speed!!

11:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Irishdrifter,

Don't preface your facts with the anticipation of being called anti-semitic! This is a free forum and all points are taken, how can truth be labeled as anything other than truth? Even "Mike" the Destroyer is allowed to express his poison and misinformation, no problem.

I was up for work at 4:30 AM EST and turned on BBC America as usual and your timeline of the facts are beyond argument. I wish I recorded the changing Psy-opp as it occurred but I can back up your timeline with no question.

We want the world and we want it now! Peace ...

11:34 pm  
Blogger Oz said...

Funny how the timeline coincides with a David Icke newsletter. :o)

11:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Point taken, but that is the usual response to anything that implicates the Entity in anything that, god-forbid, would be illegal or immoral or downright criminal.

Who is david icke? is he some ufo guy or something? Who's the tin foil hat?

12:58 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tin foil hats maybe??

See here:

I did manage to catch a bit of the PsyOp :

Faux News AM

Faux News PM

Same URL,2933,161769,00.html

Morning and evening editions.

2:02 am  
Blogger FintanDunne said...

irishdrifter, the only thing to note is that the link you quote is to -which is a disinfo site.

The whole Israeli angle is a smokescreen - just as it was on 9/11.

It provides the likes of Democracy Now and Alex Jones with talking points, with some sort of "controversy."

At the same time it deflects blame onto Israel as being somehow linked to the attacks. Which is handy, because that defelcts blame away from the G8.

This Israeli angle is being hyped up a lot in recent times. It relies on a kneejerk hatred of Sharon among the left to throw them off the track.

Not that Sharon is not a slug. He is.

4:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A quick response to "Anonymous #3" and the finite resource denialysts.

I highly recommend downloading a rather stale and dry lecture by Dr. Albert A. Bartlett, titled "Arithmetic, Population & Energy". His premise is "The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function".
He goes on to talk about the arithmetic of steady growth "the exponential function". After watching this lecture it becomes undeniably obvious that even if the stories of abiotic oil were true, a brick wall is still coming and sooner than most realize.

6:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

33 dead. 7+7+7 = 21. 2+1 =3. Now, where did I leave my Freemsaonic handbook? Ah, there it is.

6:46 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Fintan

just wanted to let you know there has been
unprecedented censorship on
Indymedia UK

I posted my thoughts on a possible Gladio operation

and the hateful barrage was unbelievable

yesterday 7-7 - 2005
the posts were moved - re contextualised and then removed
by the indymedia admin

i made an appeal

that i was in deepest sympathy with the victims
on every post i made

i hope you are all OK
and bearing up

after all it wasn't long ago
that The Irish in Britain were abused by
the mainstream for the Brighton bombing
and then Canary Warf

it brings it all back...

the bombs in london
have been a further diversion away
from the G8
policies in Africa
towards a security agenda
[russia china...UN furtherance]

because Live8 didn't do its job
and loads of activists and mainstream
are increasingly critical of
Sir Bob and Bonos misdirection

under the watchful eye of Brown family friend
Richard Curtis...
he who directed the sickening 'Love Actually'
which is all about a prime minister who falls in love!
[played by Huge Grunt... sorry Hugh Grant!]

ive been following the New labour machine since its inception
had to put up with rock stars [oasis, brit pop]
celebrity banana republic populism...

and the incresingly depressing loss of civil liberties
for a security state based on corporate ideology

something i really woke up
to while visiting the States in 2000

hecticly put this page together today

of course we have the added
benefit of knowing the
big breaking news which is
being shut out by this

 this is just a small part of a wider increasingly complicated
net of intrigue and disgusting practices
foreign policy is being driven by abuse, deliberate terror.
see Diego Garcia
Royal sanctioned ethnic cleansing
for a torture Island &
Guantanamo Bay
the rendition program
Lear Jets - Corporate sponsored prison planes
Strange goings on in the Global Gulag
The forged Niger documents
and the 'Terror Ring'
that Colinn Powell used in his
speech to the UN
the Valerie Plame [CIA Handler in Egypt]
leak [to cover the Bush Junata ass] by Rove
on direct orders of BUSH
The Jailing of journalist of Judith Miller
for not revealing her sources for the leak
[told to take the fall or be executed by Bush?]
Mathew Cooper of The New York Times
has since agreed to reveal his...
Brave man or a done deal [shill?]
Negropontes [ex Honduras death squad facilitator]
now Zsar of all US intell
Death squads in Iraq - Task force 121
Rumsfelds P2OG as an excuse to carry out black ops
the kidnapping of Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena
[what was she writing about?]
the targetting of her on her release
and the killing of
Italian agent Calipari by US forces under
Negropontes command
Italian PM's rigging of the documents
The abduction and killing of Egyptian Abu Omar
on the Italian street by CIA agents
linked to Central America
and perhaps even the spate of
attacks on diplomats happening right now
in Iraq & the Egyptian Ambassador hostage situation

love captain wardrobe
[paul c]


here is what i have on IMCUK


I believe agent provocateurs have
a definite purpose of taking protest away from
Bilderberg and
focusing on the G8

as a Psyop to create a picture of
violent protest which the public can lap up
and use as a stereotype
to judge all dissent by.

[see Seattle 1999 too! which enable Indymedia
to get Ford foundation / Soros funding to set up]

this is complicated: so please bear with me...!!!

Here we go!

Micah Anderson is one of three who started Indymedia after
the WTO Seattle protests in 1999

his comments appeared in the process lists in the run up to our action
it is apparent to 'legion' that he had influence over stoppong and censoring
articles that involve subjects such as:


for which we believe their is an agenda to
steer Indymedia away from and to focus on the G8 a photo op for steering purposes
[see the latest mind control operation
invloving 'Live8' and 'Make poverty history']

[masonry] for which we believe these high-ups are members

the George Soros / Rob Glaser /Rockerfeller &
Ford foundation links to Indymedia funding
operation Gladio &
9-11 - [inside government / secrecy]

this being an indication of the elites current
mode of control of the world

via Iraq & the war on terror

now at the time our posts were being hidden
a 'space bunny' appeared on the process list

seemingly urging others to hide
'conspiracy nuts'

interesting things we have dug up:

one of the moderators

Anarchobabe - Glasgow Scotland

has a link to Micah on her blog

anarchobabes intro on her blog
 Welcome IndyBloggers
Contributed by Anarcho Babe on
 from the dept.

It is good to see this blog now feed into indybloggers, thanks to my good
friend Space Bunny who managed to catch Rabble in Internet Relay Chat when he
was briefly online from India doing good work by helping Indymedia there and
Bunny asked Rabble to add it. But he did add thisa blog under Bunnys name by
mistake. Me (as AnarchoBabe) and Space Bunny are very close but we are
different people.
another entry

Our glorious indymedia meeting tonight saw disappointing 2 people, me and
spacebunny as ever. Sometimes I wonder if it makes any sense trying to carry
on with these meetings.


The two space bunnies!

space bunny 1

Micah Anderson like most indymedia moderators has a handle
his was 'spacebunny'

it is now MicahA

Micah Anderson
IMC was Founded in Seattle in 1999 to cover the protests at the World Trade
Organisation summit, the IMC, also referred to as Indymedia, is a loose
collection of activists and amateur journalists dedicated, in the words of
one participant, "to providing social and economic justice through media
production and distribution".

see fbi server seizures

he appears to have major contacts to linux operating development  - debian

and to major securitech company

he still had 2002 email address

colltech - IBM / Northrup Grunmann / Microsoft

also see
and the red cursor collective

Micah Anderson -
Nicholas Merrill -
Brian Szymanski -
Matt Toups -

Spacebunny #2

Spacebunny - Micah - Edinburgh Scotland

in his IMCUK process wiki profile - 'spacebunny'

has a website which in the strange simple layout
has a link to Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh


follow 'edinburgh link to:

follow link to:

a well known haunt of
Masonic Templer Rosicrusian hunters
& now
Da vinci code freaks,

also on a search of spacebunny we discovered that
he runs a website devoted to
Stewart Home

who is a 'Neoist' [Avant Garde cultural anarchist]
and likes to pose as a Mason with a Gavel and various
other symbols

Stewart Homes on Greyfriars front of MI6 building???

stewart home society archive

interview with home:

Space bunny is listed as the sites maintainer
and is described as

"Micah the Space Bunny, High Priest of the Home Cult."


[which i consider to be a ruse by Military intelligence to justify
co-intel ops]


as i trawled the net looking up Micah [aka spacebunny] i discovered that he
had been involved in the GANDALF trial of green anarchists

this is a really complicated business !!!!

but from what i got i managed to establish tha Micah was/is a neoist
who basically steered green anarchists with a lean towards violent direct
action [with bombs!] it was also mentioned that Stewart home wrote a
pamphlet which contained evidence that only MI5/special branch could have
had in its possession at the time it was published

see GANDALF trial links at bottom

one half of pincer movement against GreenAnarchists
 [the other half was Tim Hepple-MI5]

 the gandalf trial also unearthed the agent known as Tim Hepple
 an ex Combat 18 thug who infiltrated green anarchy

 and uncovered that Green Anarchist founder was a fasicst apologist!!!
 their founder and ideological architect Richard Hunt defending former
 National Front leader Patrick Harrington from accusations of fascism.
Indymedia infiltrated??? undoubtably i feel....

 remember Micahs links to neoist influence on Gandalf

 Hepple was MI5
 Neoists were MI5

 So how did Micah suddenly resurface as an IMCUK moderator?
 interestingly Hepple resurfaced as UFO investigator Tim Matthews

 (The Resurfacing of Agent Provocateur Tim Hepple)
 AKA Ufologist Tim Matthews

 Tim Hepple infiltrated GA through the Lancaster based Autonomy
 anti-poll tax group in 1991 but was exposed by Larry O'Hara in
 1993. During this time, he posed as an Eco-teur, wrote the
 Eco-defenders Handbook, and laid the groundwork for the Gandalf
 prosecution, so militant Greens could be presented as an
 'ecoterrorist threat'. Hepple resurfaced as 'Tim Matthew's' in
 1997. Despite claims to have been broken with his past, when the
 Anti-Deception Committee confronted him on 24th January 1998 at
 his 'When Worlds Collide' UFO conference in Stockport, they
 found his old Searchlight crony, Ray Hill amongst his heavies.
 Attendees were unimpressed by Hepples thuggery when the ADC were
 thrown out for leafleting (text below) - a third walked out

 so we have UFO being infiltrated by MI5

 the area Matthews is steering in Ufo subculture is
 secret technology secret bases

 which is really the area of 'conspiracy theory'

 UFO as a religion is dying...because it has gone mainstream
 this was the aim...kill off dissent/questioning
 of secret technology and use of UK bases for such things
 as human experimentation, and the US/UK bases such as fylingdales and
 menwith hill in relation to electronic Eavesdropping

 [note the trident ploughshares polaris stuff that IMCUK
was rightly getting very into
which i beleive was the reason for intelligence infiltration]

Background on the Gandalf trial /Hepple/neoist shite
 At War with the Truth: The True Story of Searchlight Agent Tim Hepple
 Matthews/Aka Tim Hepple
 MAGONIA Monthly Supplement #25
 Re: Tim Matthews
 Searchlight for Beginners | Libertarian Communist Library
A-Infos Hyper-Archive: (Eng)SEARCHLIGHT(Fr)
 HEADON...The State, The Media and Animal Rights
 The Opposition
Interview--John Connor
this mentions micah
 turning up the heat
 Red Pepper archive


8:46 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After all that crap by "paul c [cw"] about indymedia and the space bunny, that has pretty much destroyed any good threads that were going!

I think there should be a post length limit or perhaps long posts should be truncated and a link to another page with the full post automatically appended to the truncated post, for those that are interested.

9:54 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you help me out? I seem to remember that when you interviewed Mike Ruppert some time back that he actually admitted that at one time he worked for the CIA.

I believe that in a subsequent interview with Nico Haupt he picked up on this.

Is my memory correct..Did Ruppert say that he once worked for the CIA?

I am trying to persuade people on another forum that he is a disinfo agent and shill for peak oil interests and that he is not to be trusted...

11:12 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it may be more correct to say Mr. Ruppert is a shill for the oil oligarchy (interests).

But just because Mike puts a certain "spin" on peak oil, doesn't mean it is not real. A very important component in a propaganda campaign is controlling the debate. My guess is that the most vocal proponents and opponents in the peak/anbiotic oil debate, are all on the same pay roll.

11:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry about the long posting

bit silly really
trying to demonstrate that the whole last
month [maybe even 2-5 years]
was an intelligence operation

people are starting to wake up

a posting on indymedia


There was no point in trying to break all the way through to the G8. We didnt have the numbers and the cops were seriously tooled up. Having said that the symbolic victory of taking down their much heralded 'security fence' was a moral boost for all. Had it been there to keep them in rather than us out then we would have quite happily reinforced it.


and the comment made:

Media Event!

08.07.2005 07:31

the whole event on Wednesday was choreographed - we get to the gate - knowhere to go but to the right - there is a thin wire fence along road and sight of security fence - uniforms cops standing in field about 2/3 meteres apart do nothing to stop people getting over fence - a few riot cops appear along wire fence but it's all show - we are being 'invited' into field - loads of people in field breach the fence while - behind us - mainstream media had been installed on cranes ready to film the whole event - enter chinook helicopters disgorging riot cops - media gets its pics and story as the police no doubt told them they would - how long does it take to hire and install 3 or 4 cranes? - were there not enough cops inside security fence to stop a couple of hundred people entering by one breach? - ok we did our bit but the media swallowed the whole thing hook line and sinker the lazy bastards

the Major

i was watching the nes footage on the BBC
the photos seen in the above indymedia post are identical

once again sorry for the long posting

but no one wants to see that the whole thing is an op

from the live 8 to the G8 to the Olympics
and then the bombing

i wrote to Tony Gosling at
with worries of a gladio operation in the UK

[we all knew months ago this was going to happen]

sick to the stomach

best captain wardrobe

11:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re that site.
Yes Fintan, thats why I made the tin foil hat jibe!

Rudi Giuliniani was in London. Co-incidence?

Netanyahu was foerwarned despite the furious protestations and back peddling being done.

I would like to know where his "security detail" were.

All Londons online traffic cameras mysteriosly went offline.

The Cell Phone Network went offline.


12:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mein Kapitan

Thats strange.

I posted an article about Gladio last Sunday on Uk Indy - it never showed up!

Indy has been compromised!!

12:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

London has the highest density of CCTV surveillance cameras on the planet if you exclude the Pentagon. And how many frames of video surfaced from how many cameras after that event?...

12:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


im not asserting that indymedia has been compromised BECAUSE of what i posted

im trying to suggest that it was set up
after Seattle to direct all dissent towards the G8

and away from the real agenda

sorry but i'm not a professional journalist
so i'm not that good at conveying things...


2:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spot on as ever, Fintan! Now, let me suggest you read this extract from today's New York Times report very carefully:

Mr. Bush learned of the attacks from Mr. Blair a little over an hour after they occurred, around the start of the first formal meeting, said Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary.After learning of the London bombings at the start of the first meeting, Mr. Bush summoned his national security adviser, Stephen J. Hadley, and asked him to begin coordinating the American response, Mr. McClellan said.

Around the same time, he said, Andrew H. Card Jr., the White House chief of staff, learned of news reports about the bombings from one of his deputies, Joe Hagin. Between them, Mr. McClellan said, Mr. Hadley and Mr. Card began calling other officials, including Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Vice President Dick Cheney, who was at his home in Wyoming.

We are being asked to believe that Tony Blair did not tell anyone else at the G8 summit about the bombings for a whole hour, that President Bush was totally in the dark about them until Mr. Blair told him, and only then did the President inform his National Security Adviser.
The National Security Adviser should have known of the bombings before or as they occurred (as Scotland Yard and the Israelis say they did) and informed the President.

We are further asked to believe that President Bush does not carry a cell phone and/or a hotline to the National Security Adviser and/or his staff.

As a side point, I knew about the bombings approximately five minutes after the first one occurred, and I was sitting at my desk in rural Virginia!

Credibility is further strained by the final paragraph. Apparently, the White House chief of staff Andrew Card had no idea about the bombings either, and we are asked to believe that it was he who then told the Vice-President, The Secretary of State and the Defense Secretary.
If this is all true, then what on earth are the US Embassy in London and the National Security staff doing? But if it is not true, as I suspect, who is hiding what, and why?

Perhaps a clue lies in the title of the New York Times article: "Bombings rewrite G-8 agenda". In whose interests is it to focus attention away from poverty in Africa to the War on Terror?

A later addition .... why does this story matter? Here's the relevant part:

Cheney pacemaker checks out OK

WASHINGTON (AP) Vice President Dick Cheney got good news Friday during his annual heart checkup, with a pacemaker detecting no irregular heartbeat, his office said. Cheney underwent the routine exam at George Washington University Medical Center. It included a physical exam, an electrocardiogram, an echocardiogram and a stress test. They are noninvasive procedures. The vice president went back to work afterwards.

Well, this morning, the New York Times said the V-P was "at his home in Wyoming." Another piece of evidence that the London bombings were a psy-op, an inside job.

8:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree re the cctv's, and they have 24 hour online traffic cams which mysteriously went offline, and the moblie phone network went down. And the police didnt respond to the first event for 90 minutes. They the BTS [transport police] reported it as an accident. Which makes the Israeli warning even more dubious. Where was Netanyahu's "security detail"?

The IRA found it difficult to plant one bomb in London due to the surveillance system. They want us to believe AQ planted 7, in a foreign country. They have a remarkable knowledge of Londons transport system. This was an INSIDE JOB without a doubt, somebody with detailed knowledge of London pulled this job off. Every train station, bus station is under constant surveillance. There are cameras on the trains, there are cameras on the buses. Yes like the Pentagon, London "is planet cctv". 5 frames hahaha! 0 Boeing.

Britain, like America has been on a high alert since 911.

British Intelligence pulled off a similar operation in Belfast during the run up to christmas last year, they "robbed a bank" of 20million mazolians and blamed the IRA. They are well versed in this type of operation. SEE OMAGH!!

sorry i misunderstood re indy.

I have just started reading about Gladio. Its not good!

Regards ID

8:25 pm  
Blogger FintanDunne said...

Irishdrifter said:
Re that site.[]
Yes Fintan, thats why I made the tin foil hat jibe!

Rudi Giuliniani was in London. Co-incidence?

OK, I get you now about that site. I was a bit slow cos of being up 36hrs.

Rudi was a nice bit of linkage, very slick.
NYC & London. United against Terror lol

11:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the best discussion of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11 is in Mike Ruppert's book "Crossing the Rubicon." (I hope those accusing him of being on a covert payroll are merely "snitch jackets" spreading disinformation and don't actually believe this nonsense.)

The people sincerely pushing "abiotic oil" need to take a basic course (a few minutes would do) in geology. "Abiotic oil" is a claim that predates our understanding of plate tectonics. A basic understanding of exponential growth would also help.

It is also helpful when one's paranoia reflects actual evidence. Peak oil and gas are very real - the question is what to do about it, since we waste an enormous amount of energy and could live well with much less. The oil conglomerates don't want efficiency or renewables -- they want war to grab what's left to maintain centralized profit.

Britain has now started importing Liquid Natural Gas - since the North Sea oil and gas fields are clearly in decline. That is why the poodle is supporting Cheney's wars. (also - most of what's left would be Scottish, not British, if Scotland was an independent nation)

7:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Can you help me out? I seem to remember that when you interviewed Mike Ruppert some time back that he actually admitted that at one time he worked for the CIA.

I believe that in a subsequent interview with Nico Haupt he picked up on this.

Is my memory correct..Did Ruppert say that he once worked for the CIA?

I am trying to persuade people on another forum that he is a disinfo agent and shill for peak oil interests and that he is not to be trusted...

There was one show on Mike Ruppert in which Fintan Dunne totally eviscerates him. He didn't actually interview him (in that case Mike Ruppert could have actually tried to defend himself but I guess Fintan didn't want to allow that (admittedly perhaps he tried to get Mike and he refused or would only do it for a (what FD considered an exorbitant) fee)), he just made some presumptions based on things he had heard about Mr. Ruppert. One of these being that when he confronted CIA director John Deutch at Lock High School in Los Angeles, which was conveniently filmed on (live?) TV, at one point he says: "I was personally exposed to CIA operations and recruited by CIA personel who attempted to recruit me in the late '70s to become involved in protecting agency drug operations in this country." And Fintan goes, see, he said "I was ... recruited by CIA personel ..." See, there Mike Ruppert ADMITS he was recruited by the CIA and thus he IS CURRENTLY working for the CIA. Isn't it so obvious! Oh, he also was allowed to give a speech at the Commonwealth club so obviously he is not apart from the mainstream because only members of the bourgeoisie establishment can speak there. Here is something else I wrote on this subject:

You know its pretty incredible. Fintan Dunne makes accusations against Mike Ruppert that, well, his website is called "From The Wilderness", after all, indicating that he is portraying himself (in a very heavy-handed way) as outside the main stream media. This coming from Fintan Dunne who prefaces his internet radio broadcasts with 'No corporate candy floss news, no political spin. "Truth" radio by internet. Here the expression is still free'. Is this the pot calling the kettle black or what?

Fintan seems to think that Mike Ruppert was set up to be this Peak Oil guy to deflect attention from the truth about 9/11 or something. Well, I 'discovered' Mike Ruppert before 9/11. He wasn't talking about Peak Oil at all then. He was talking about the CIA-drug connection. That's all. He locked onto the Peak Oil issue as a 'motive' for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, to be part of his I guess you could call it a grand unified theory of 9/11. Sure, its still possible that he is some kind of CIA plant I guess. But I don't buy Fintan Dunne's reasoning. And since Fintan felt he could make presumptions about Mike Ruppert, here is my analysis of why Fintan is so anti-Ruppert.

I read on the internet that the Republic of Ireland is more than 90% Roman Catholic. I don't think Fintan is a fundamentalist Catholic or anything like that, but he did have a show questioning the validity of Darwin's theory of evolution to explain all life. Fintan feels very strongly that we are all divine, that humans are divine, or of god. It is totally beyond his ken to believe that we could possibly be coming up against some kind of limits in what we, the devine beings that we are, can do. He and Kathy particularly feel it obscene the notion that we must limit population in some way, even though to any objectively rational person this should be obvious (incidenly, I completely agree with 'End of Suburbia' that everyone should listen to this Albert Bartlett lecture "rtsp://"). I kind of envy people like that who have such strong faith that there are no limits, but I am too grounded in a physical-sciences kind of background to agree with him. So because Ruppert had been talking about Peak Oil and heaven forbid population control, well, poor Fintan had to relegate someone like that to those who most certainly cannot be trusted in any way. I would love to believe that there is this benevolent god watching over us and is going to rescue us in time, but I just don't have any faith. I do think that you could maybe sort of think of all of humanity plus the earth and the entire ecosphere as one great intelligence that might ultimately save us, but I think that in that case this Peak Oil meme or whatever is an integral part of that if that is the way things transpire. IOW, in that case it is absolutely essential that people like Mike Ruppert are going on about Peak Oil. And if everyone believed as Fintan does then we really WOULD be up shit creek. But damn I really HOPE that Fintan is right and we're not about to crash.

6:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are right, I see it now.

"We were running exercises at the precise moment the attacks were taking place."
"The Israelis Knew"
"Wall St and The Financial Markets this and that!" (put options)

The rabbit trails leading hither and thither. They are becoming a bit familiar.

ps: Yes after reading one of Raimondo's postings on libertyforum(?) recently I concluded the obvious.

6:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry not spam missed something!!

Rudi Giulani in London. Aha.

Larry Silverstein said "pull it" will be next!!

Yes, yes I see where this is going.

6:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the topic Of Mike Ruppert, he deserves the reputation he's earned as an operative. Just listen to his repetitious pronouncements on the topic of "Peak Oil". He frames it completely in the context of logistics of getting the oil out of the ground, ignoring the steady growth in demand which the real basis of the Hubbert curve. He also asserts (along with Michael Moore and most others) that the war in Iraq is about getting access to Iraqi oil. That the NeoCons are deluded, in denial and have no understanding of the coming crisis. That is absolute BS! You can be sure the oil interests and elites have seen this coming for a very long time and definitely fully understand the exponential function. That is why you'll never read about it in Newsweek, or the Wall Street Journal, let alone here on BFN or From the Wilderness (at least not without a lot of misdirection and disinfo').

Well, what has been the result of the US/UK/UN wars against Iraq and the UN sanctions over the past 13 years? Not to ignore the ongoing genocide and we can't ignore the genocide, the other observation is, Iraq's oil is mostly still in the ground. Does it really look like they're in a hurry to pump it, to give world a few more years of untempered growth, or is the strategy to make sure the oil stays where it is? With constantly increasing global demand and decreasing supply, the profit for extracting every last drop will soon go through the stratosphere. Making it profitable to suck every last well on the planet completely dry. It is going to take a lot of US/UK/UN troops to protect the remaining oil fields and no small amount of DU to ensure there is no local population left to pump it for themselves some time in the future, long after the old world order's economy has collapsed and the troops are abandoned. This is the New World's Oil!

11:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a simple explanation. The terrorists had plans for the bombing way in advance and were waiting for a convenient time. Just about every policeman and private guard in London was off protecting the G8 thusly the security of London was about as weak as it was likely to get and thusly the opportunity was too attractive to pass up.

Of course, both Islamic terrorists and the G8 have a common interest in encouraging extremism and discouraging rational debate but rational thinking is tough, it has endured much worse.

12:53 pm  

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