Thursday, June 23, 2005

Kofi & Condi's Big Iraq Sellout

It's the G8 New World Order! In Brussels on Wednesday 22nd June, at an international conference on the future of Iraq, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, sat down next to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, to lend the endorsement of the United Nations to a policy of genocide against the Sunni of Iraq.

It was a historic occasion for the U.N.. Previously accused of failing to halt genocide, the international body now for the first time underlined it's tacit backing for genocidal war crimes in support of crushing opposition to the colonial takeover of a soverign nation and the looting of it's national assets.

Even as radiation poisoning begins to show it's deadly effects; even as infant mortality soars; even as up to 60,000 Iraqis are dragged from their homes to languish in concentration camps -subject to brutal and unrestrained torture; even as women, children and the elderly are shot in the back in the streets of Iraqi towns and cities; even as bombing raids demolish civillian homes across Iraq; even as international corporate thieves loot Iraqi funds; even as hospitals are stormed and wrecked by occupation troops and doctors handcuffed; these blood-stained goons who front for power have the gall to urge the puppets in Baghdad to ensure minority Sunnis "help shape Iraq's future."

The only aspect of Iraq the Sunni are going to shape is the graveyards. But don't tell the general public that. It might disconcert them.

The same Sunnis are currently being targetted with a genocidal program of ethnic elimination. Is it ethnic cleansing if you wipe Fallujah from the map of the world? Apparently not.

Annan was not alone.

Eighty countries attended the Iraq 'government' public relations conference. Annan and Rice were joined at a final news conference by Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari and European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana. Even Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov chimed in with his country's support. Lavrov said the conference reflected the global community's desire to proactively help the Iraqis improve their situation.

What planet are these people on?

This is the same U.N. which postured against the illegal invasion of Iraq. This is the same EU which supposedly opposed the same invasion. In the interim, the occupation forces have ironically and ruthlessly bombed Iraq with nuclear weapons; flattened Fallujah and slaughtered up to 6,000 of it's inhabitants with napalm, nerve gas and other weapons of mass destruction.

That U.N. and EU political opposition to the invasion was fake. Merely a sop to outraged public opinion in countries around the world. The gloves have been off for quite a while.

Partners for Generations

At the opening sesion of the Iraq conference, Rice had said: "We have agreed to work together to build a renewed international partnership with Iraq."

Which is rather reminiscent of a statement by the G8 economies from their summit at Sea Island, Georgia on June 9, 2004 about what they termed "The Broader Middle East and North Africa."

U.S. Centcom, in other words.

They used the 'partnership' word back then too.
"We commit ourselves today to a Partnership for Progress and a Common Future with the governments and peoples of the Broader Middle East and North Africa... Supporting reform in the region, for the benefit of all its citizens, is a long-term effort, and requires the G-8 and the region to make a generational commitment." [Source]
'Partnership' is what Mob offer when they come into your store to help prevent 'trouble.'

'Generational commitment' is what Rice, and the Neocons have already spoken about when they refer to generations of Americans dying for corporate power over the years ahead.

Same deal. Same partnership. Same Mob.

This is a continuation of the G8 "setting aside their differences" and ending the EU/UN pretence as the conscience of the international community. For "international community," read instead: "G8 monopoly market capitalism."

You cannot pretend to be the conscience of G8 capitalism. That's a non sequitor. Capitalism is simply an amoral utilitarian economic system. By definition, it has no conscience.

Over the last ten to fifteen years, the blood of millions of Iraqis -mostly children- has been shed to facilitate this imperial takeover. These are the people fronting for that genocide. The financial and corporate entities behind them, answer to money not morality.

Back in June, 2004 the G8 also announced it intends to create a global 'peacekeeping' force of more than 50,000 over the next five to six years.

Next stop -wherever the pickings are rich, or the poor are defiant.

Welcome to the G8 New World Order.

SECRETARY RICE: "I would like to thank Secretary General Annan for being here on behalf of the United Nations which critically will play a role here in Iraq over the next several months in helping the Iraqi people prepare for their historic elections for a permanent government at the end of the year."

"We are witnessing as an international community the emergence, of course, of an Iraq free of tyranny, a great culture and a great people who are finally throwing off years and decades of tyranny and horror for their people to try and build a free and democratic future."

"It is, of course, a process that is challenged by evil people who would try and destroy those hopes and dreams..."
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