Monday, May 23, 2005

Crazy Saddam to Dismiss Lawyers -Prediction

by Fintan Dunne,

I got one response from an alternative news site, doubting our story showing that 'Saddam' -whom the world has only ever seen on U.S. military video/photo- is a barely passable double playing the part with all the flair of a ham actor.

My correspondent pointed to the fact that 'Saddam' has an international team of lawyers who would surely know if such as deception was taking place.

The links below show exactly why they wouldn't know.

The easiest option for the U.S. is to have the fake 'Saddam' go a little crazy from a combination of his demotion, incarceration, and isolation and refuse legal representation when it comes to the trial. He can represent himself -just like Slobodan Milosevich. Haughty silence in distain of the proceedings would play well. The U.S. can write punchy handouts from 'Saddam' for the media.

Ever since Slobodan did a star turn at his trial on war crimes, having a real dictator defend himself is an embarassment the U.S./NATO crew is keen to avoid repeating. The stand-in will do fine.

The following links detail some interesting facts about the credibility of the 'Saddam on Trial' Psyop. Read between the lines as appropriate:
Despite circumstantial evidence that it enjoys significant funding, [Saddam's legal] committee insists that it works for free. The committee's lead attorney, a dignified, gray-haired Jordanian named Ziad al-Khasawneh, recently told me.. that the tsunami of last December had wiped out 20,000 U.S. soldiers whose deaths had been hidden by the Pentagon; ...that Yasser Arafat had been fatally poisoned by the CIA.... that the American toll in Iraq is much higher than has been acknowledged, and that dead soldiers are routinely stripped of their valuables and identities and dumped from low-flying aircraft into the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. He said that you can go to certain places at night and see the body bags falling. He said that he knows of a goatherd who discovered the secret place in the desert where the valuables are dumped, and who has since become rich by harvesting all the watches and rings.

Only witness on Saddam mass graves killed
Insurgents in Al-latifhya city gunned down ”Hussein Saffer Ali” who was the only witness on Saddam’s mass graves on his way back from Baghdad to Najaf after he gave his testimony to the inquiry which is dealing with the former regime’s crimes against humanity. Ali was the only survivor and escaped death from one of Saddam’s mass graves near al-Najaf . His relatives say that he went to Baghdad to give his testimony in front of the inquiry, on his way back to Al-najaf using public transportation bus, gunmen near Al-latifhya blocked the road, stopped the bus and killed Ali.

People aware that a mole inside the inquiry tipped the insurgents about Ali’s travel route because he told no one only his close relatives. also here

Saddam’s mental breakdown
Saddam’s attorney (Khalil Al-Dulaimi) met Raghad (Saddam’s daughter) lately in Amman Jordan to inform her about Saddam’s health condition in his last meeting with him.

People witnessed the meeting said that the attorney told her that Saddam was crying frightened from execution in his last meeting with him, he told her that Saddam urinated several times during the interview... Al-Dulaimi said in many occasions he cried without a reason which was very clear that he suffer from psychological disturbances and he asked repeatedly about either he will get a death conviction or he will set free.... also here


In an interview with the MSNBC’s “The Abrams Report”, Ramsey Clark, said: "He has not seen a lawyer; he has not seen his family. He's kept completely incommunicado." Saddam's lawyers say that they have been denied access to the toppled leader and that they don’t even know where he is.

What good are lawyers if you’re not allowed to talk with them? Curtis Doebbler, a respected human rights attorney, has been hired by Saddam’s family to represent the former dictator. He is one of the lead attorneys in an international group numbering more than 20. AFP asked Doebbler when the last time he visited Saddam and if he could relate what kind of mental and physical condition he was in.

"We have not been allowed to visit him in an appropriate manner that allows the facilitation of his defense,” he said. “The single visit of one of the lawyers took place on Dec. 16, 2004. This visit, however, was conducted with guards present and it was impossible to discuss the details of the case with our client."

For more than one year Mr. Saddam Hussein continues to be denied access to lawyers of his choosing. Doebbler told AFP that former Attorney General Ramsey Clarke has not been able to have contact with Saddam in order to mount a proper defense." “At the moment, we are simply instructed by the family,” said Doebbler

For more than one year, and despite statements by United States and Iraqi government officials that huge amounts of evidence exist, no access to any of this evidence has been granted to defense counsel.

Saddam lawyer's tribe leader murdered - One foreign intelligence report cites a recent incident in which members of the al-Dulaimi tribe, previously known for their antagonism to the coalition and the new government in Iraq, shot dead a number of Islamic militants from outside Iraq, whom they believed responsible for killing a senior al-Dulaimi sheikh [Col. Sulaiman Ahmed Dulaimi, the Iraqi National Guard commander for Ramadi and Fallujah]. Although the sheikh was a senior police official and thus a 'collaborator', tribal elders felt that his death had to be avenged...

Isn't that interesting. That's the same incident that the Post covered, but in such a way that you couldn't make heads or tails out of it. At least in relationship to what it meant for the clan's relationship to the coalition and the new government.
[The Iraqi lawyer who has met 'Saddam is Khalil al-Dulaimi]
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