Monday, April 25, 2005

Tall Tales of Israel's Spy Nest

Justin Raimondo writes:

"Neoconservative columnist and author Joel Mowbray recently came out with a piece claiming that 'stories on Larry Franklin, dual loyalties, and espionage for Israel look more far-fetched with each passing day.' According to Mowbray, the spy scandal that has enveloped AIPAC since last fall is all part of a conspiracy by the Washington Post, which 'deluged' readers with tall tales of Israeli spies under the floorboards of the Pentagon."

This is typical of Raimondo's surface level analysis.

The real story is that the AIPAC 'scandal' is both a time-wasting diversion and a continuation of many spin stories designed to imply that Israel has any national ageda different from what the U.S. Military Industrial Complex tells it it's national agenda is.

Israel does not need to develop policies based on spying in the U.S. -all the Israelis have to do is call the White House and ask 'em what do they want Israel to do today. Spin implying Israel is an independent state is either grotesquely misinformed or straight disinfo.

It's all reminiscent of that other subtle myth: "9/11 :the Israelis did it!"

By the way, the latest spin from the "let's-try-discredit-Dunne" crew is this: Me saying the above means I'm a covert agent for Israel. So try this: both political sides in Israel are owned by different sections of the NWO. There. That should clear things up.


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