Monday, April 25, 2005

Self-Tanning Pill is a Health Disaster

This is really bad news:
'Miracle pill' makes your body tan itself

The sun is about to set on the tanning industry of northern Europe. Scientists have developed a "self-browning" implant which threatens to leave the sunbed and the spray-on tan in the shade.

The revolutionary product, Melanotan, has already been shown to darken skin colour and reduce sun damage. Now the manufacturer, Epitan, is pressing for full clinical trials.

Melanotan works by mimicking the hormone that increases the production of melanin, the pigment which naturally darkens the skin as it protects against the sun.

Volunteers who took part in an earlier, mid-stage trial reported that their skin had turned brown. Other studies have reported increased sex drive, leading to its depiction as a "paradise pill".
Thanks to chemical spray-tanning propaganda, Vitamin D deficiencies among Northern populations of America and Europe has become an even more prevalent health hazard. Nothing produces Vitamin D of the quality made by your own skin on exposure to natural sun. Tan moderately. It's great for you -and moderate tanning protects against skin cancer(Yes, that's right. I said 'protects'.) :
Dr. Holick: A study was done in Mass General Hospital. They found over 50% of inpatients - these are young adults, and middle aged, and older adults - were vitamin D deficient. Typically, on average, probably 50-80% of nursing home residents, 50-60% of inpatient hospital patients, and on average I would estimate, 40% of the population in the United States at large, if they're not getting some sensible sun exposure, are probably deficient in vitamin D. [source]


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