Saturday, April 16, 2005

Kerry won, Bush won - Antiwar lost

"What worries me almost as much as our misguided policy in Iraq is that so many of my colleagues and so many citizens have become resigned to the fact that the war will go on. Congress is not being inundated with letters and phone calls and faxes and e-mails and street protests demanding an end to our presence in Iraq. President Bush's re-election seems to have taken much of the energy out of the antiwar movement. My recent visit to Iraq only strengthened my belief that this war is wrong. And only renewed, passionate dissent by the American people can end it."
WagNews: Which is precisely what the stolen 2004 election was designed to do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Resigned. This is it. They have been beaten back by every rotten trick beknown to criminology, and they see no hope. We cannot resign ourselves. That's what tyranny rests upon--the futility of a remedy against it.

Organization and leadership is the key to undoing this spiritual trap. And this is why I have a curious interest in the "Being Human Party," because I see in it a glimmering light afresh.

The human triumph can be awakened from wayward drift, despite views to the contrary. Its soldiers, like Fintan Dunne, who, not tiring, have carried the fight to Africa. They will prevail. But the last moments of such horrors are inconceivably frightful, and I'm of a mind we've yet to feel their final throes and tremors.

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