Monday, April 25, 2005

Death threats to MP claiming UK election fraud

British antiwar MP George Galloway, who has just called for an inquiry into postal voting fraud in the upcoming UK election, is on the receiving end of death threats from the radical Islamic group al-Muhajiroun.

Around 30 members of the group confronted him on the campaign trail last week and and denounced him as a "false prophet". The rebel ex-Labour MP, is standing in a constituency with the fourth-largest Muslim population in Britain.

Galloway was famously set up by the establishment with the connivance of the media, by means of planted fake documents showing his alleged links to Saddam Hussein. These death threats may have a similar dubious origin.

Meanwhile Galloway is still highlighting the corrupt postal voting system in the UK. The large increase in postal votes expected mean that election fraud could significantly affect the outcome.

Galloway Campaign Spokesperson, Ron McKay
Audio interview
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Galloway demands inquiry on vote fraud reports

GEORGE Galloway last night demanded an urgent inquiry into alleged electoral fraud in the constituency he is contesting in the east end of London.

The leader of the anti-war Respect party said a newspaper investigation [in the Mail on Sunday-BFN] had uncovered evidence of "systematic fraud and conspiracy to steal an election". He added: "This is beginning to look like an election in a banana republic."

The report claimed a number of "ghost voters" had registered to vote in the Bethnal Green and Bow constituency at addresses where no-one knew them. Large numbers of new voters were reportedly being added to the electoral roll with no checks on their validity.

Mr Galloway, the former MP for Glasgow Kelvin who was kicked out of the Labour party because of remarks over the Iraq war, demanded rigorous spot checks on recent applications for ballots. He also called for postal ballots and those cast on the day to be kept separate so that retrospective checks could be undertaken if an investigation took place after the election.

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