Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bush silent as top terrorist seeks US asylum

"The Bush administration is itself harboring a notorious terrorist, wanted for the mid-flight bombing of a Cuban civilian airliner as well as other deadly attacks on civilian targets and attempted assassinations.

"The terrorist in question is Luis Posada Carriles, a CIA-trained Cuban exile who slipped quietly across the US-Mexican border last month and is now formally applying for political asylum in the United States in the face of demands from the governments of both Cuba and Venezuela for Posada Carriles’s extradition to face charges of international terrorism and murder.meland Security.

"Cuban President Fidel Castro announced on Monday that his government has demanded the arrest of Posada Carriles and his extradition to face terrorist charges in Cuba. He delivered a stinging speech in Havana, denouncing the Bush administration for “hypocrisy” and comparing Posada Carriles to Osama bin Laden."


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