Saturday, March 19, 2005

NY Times does Warm and Fuzzy Gannon interview

The one-page interview, by Deborah Solomon, headlined "Blogged Down," refers to Gannon as a “shill,” and carries a warm and fuzzy black and white photo of Gannon in a sweater, a far cry from the naked torso familiar to millions in recent weeks.

Quote on Gay Escort Service: "Don’t let that confuse the issue. We have driven so many good people from public service through the politics of personal destruction."

Yes. You have.


Blogger The Tinker said...

On March 16, 2005, a group of 21 Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee moved to block a Congressional investigation into how male escort Jeff "Bulldog" Gannon gained daily access to the White House for two years under a false name.

Why did they suppress evidence that would show who helped a gay prostitute evade Secret Service background checks and gain compromising access to the President of the United States? Why are these 21 Republicans so desperate to keep "Bulldog's" secrets? Shouldn't they be answering some questions about why they don't want any questions asked?

Here are 21 posters (one tailored for each Rep) asking people to ask these questions. They include their office numbers and the numbers of major news organizations. We need to have these widely distributed -- not only in their districts -- this must become a national issue.

There are also several general GannonGate posters (plus lots on "Hot Tub Tom" DeLay) on the main page:

Please forward the links liberally. We need to get these messages in front of eyeballs and get this scandal to the tipping point.

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