Sunday, July 17, 2005

London Bombs -Update

Update by Fintan Dunne, Editor,

Police release CCTV image of
four alleged London bombers

U.K. authorities are drip-feeding CCTV images of the four alleged London bombers, to help bolster the credibility of their tale.

The latest is claimed to have been taken as they entered Luton train station to (presumably) board a train for London.

And there's still no sign yet that police will release images they claim to have of the four in King's Cross station, London -where they are alleged to have split up.

Police have also confirmed the name of all four men for the first time: Mohammed Sidique Khan, 30, Germaine Lindsay, 19, Hasib Hussain, 18, and Shahzad Tanweer, 22.

Some interesting articles follow:

Messages Hint at London Blast Recruiting

Amear Ali remembers how the film images clicked by in rapid-fire sequence to a soundtrack of pounding drums: dead Iraqi children, Palestinians under siege, Guantanamo prisoners, snippets of President Bush repeating the word "crusade."

Now an Islamic bookstore operated by his brother-in-law has been drawn deeper Saturday into the international investigation of the July 7 London bombings...

Ali said he first noticed outsiders coming into Beeston in the late 1990s speaking about Muslim causes and identity. He said they were always well-spoken, fluent in English and often dressed in the traditional shalwar kameez, a loose tunic-and-trouser outfit common in Pakistan and across South Asia.

Ali said the men were always vague about their affiliations - never mentioning al-Qaida or any of the Muslim groups in Britain - and first offered only generalities about the importance of prayer and following Islamic codes....

Bomber got Parliament Tour from Labour MP
ONE of the London suicide bombers
, Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, was allowed to tour the Houses of Parliament a guest of the Labour MP Jon Trickett in July 2004, four months after he had been identified by intelligence officials as a "criminal associate" of one of the subjects of a major counter-terrorism operation that had resulted in several arrests...

Pakistani intelligence officials are looking into a connection between one of the three Britons and two al-Qaeda-linked militant groups in that country. They confirmed that Shahzad Tanweer spent four or five days at a complex run by the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba and said he also met a member of another al-Qaeda-linked Pakistani terrorist group who was later arrested for bombing a church in Islamabad.

More details emerged yesterday that there had been indications an attack was imminent. Plans for attacks on targets in both the United States and Britain were discovered among material found during the capture of Abu Faraj Farj al-Liby, one of the most senior al-Qaeda leaders, and of a Pakistani computer expert, Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan....

I want to see DNA proof
SUICIDE bomber Lindsay Jamal’s wife last night insisted: “They’ll have to prove to me he did it.” Pregnant Samantha Lewthwaite, 22, refused to accept Jamal was the fourth London bomber, responsible for 26 deaths.

She sobbed: “He wasn’t the sort of person who’d do this. I won’t believe it until I see proof.” JAMAL did work experience with his local council while still at school — and said he “thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Horror of fourth bomber's family
The family of the fourth bomber Germaine Lindsay have described their horror at the London bomb attacks. They describe Germaine, 19, as having a "kind, caring and calming presence about him".

The statement read: "Germaine was a good and loving husband and a brilliant father, who showed absolutely no sign of doing this atrocious crime.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Except for the first guy, Hussain, the people in this photo are unidentifiable. They could be literally anybody.

And isn't it suss that we only have photos from LUTON even though the CCTV footage that allegedly provided the breakthrough in the case was from KINGS CROSS?

This is curiously analogous to the way we have images of Atta and Aziz at Portland but not Boston. If parallels can be made between 7/7 and 9/11, Luton is clearly the Portland of this particular conspiracy.

Social Democracy Now

2:57 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never left comments on (or even read) News Forums before but I have so many unanswered questions on the London bombings. I have read all the newspapers and watched countless news-bulletins but they all seem to carry the same story, and unquestioningly at that. Can anyone tell me the answers to the following:

I have been unable to find out the times that the trains left Kings Cross and the time that they were at each station. I have checked every web-site I can think of from the police to the BBC to TFL. If the police want witnesses to come forward, wouldn't this information be crucial and easily attainable? Then show these guys getting on the tube trains from the CCTV on each platform to help jolt people's memories.

CCTV not working on the bus?

CCTV not working on the tube trains?

Radios not working on the tube trains, (so the power surge story remains for an hour), surely the drivers weren't killed so they would radio to a control centre. Wouldn't radio contact be essential, don't we have it?

No interviews with train or bus drivers?

Head of tube is ex-CIA man?

Lots of detail on Met Police website and poster re: bus. Including times that the bus was at each stop. Why are they only concerned with finding witnesses to his whereabouts and not the other 3?

Why would someone sit at the back and on the top deck of a bus instead of the lower deck if he wanted to create carnage?

Is it true that ONLY this bus was diverted away from Kings Cross?

An eye-witness account on the BBC News website is quoted as saying she saw the bus explode and the police were on the scene immediately, cordoning off the area? How comes, surely not a lot of spare police around at that time?

The police are still unable to identify many of the poor victims of this (state-terrorist?) attack. Yet they can identify 4 men (with personal id?) within 48 hours? Each of which would have been in a far worse physical state than anyone else.

How did the police trace the station they got on at and therefore the car at Luton? Did the return tickets they brought remain intact as well? Why buy return tickets? Why put a pay and display ticket on your car?

I am a just a 50 year old Londoner, whose son uses the tube every day, and spent hours trying to contact him that morning whilst only getting a system busy signal. Thankfully he was fine (although he freaked out when he witnessed the following morning a young man in the street making a call on his mobile getting shoved to the ground by four rifle-toting police, who screamed "drop the phone" as they held the rifles to his head whilst he screamed "I was only calling my dad").

Other mothers weren't as fortunate as me and my heart goes out to them.

Yet I am totally unconvinced by the police/media coverage (or cover-up). When I have gone onto news web-sites I have noticed that anyone who questions the official line is branded a conspiracy theorist, yet they feel very comfortable saying that facts that don't add-up are just coincidences.
(For instance the drill that took place, same time, same place.)

I too thought that the attacks were going to happen at some point (I also marched against the war in Iraq), but now I'm nowhere near believing what we are being told.

What would happen if the truth was that this was state-terrorism, and we have a government that would willingly sacrifice some of its own (as well as the lives of countless Afghani and Iraqis), would our media have the courage to ask the questions and find the real answers.

How would we as a people respond if this was the truth? Instead of diverting our attention towards a misunderstood and marginalised section of our society (shades of Nazi Germany and the jews here), and all the talk of an evil idealogy, let us know the true facts so we can make up our own minds about the reasons behind these appalling attacks.

8:21 pm  
Blogger irishdrifter said...


You have taken the first step in the liberation of your conciousness.

Keep asking the same questions!

Stop buying newspapers!
Cancel any magazine subs you have!
Stop Watching the TV!

2:27 am  
Blogger irishdrifter said...


Sorry about that rant.

This might shed some light on what is going on, the sort of "big picture", if you like. But, personally, I think something more insidious is going on, eminiating from the Vatican and the so-called 'Royal Houses' of Europe with a little help from their cousins, the American pseudo-aristocracy.

PNAC Document

I hope you are comfortable with PDF's.


5:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want answers watch this 3 part documentary and you may find youcan connect the dots:

thanks :)

11:06 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another three part documentary that carefully and thoroughly examines the rise of "terrorism" is "The Power of Nightmares." This particular documentary might be more appropriate for people who are in the genesis of questioning "official" statements.

The quantum leap from trusting unquestionably the actions of your elected-leaders to being absolutely convinced that they, in fact, pose the greatest danger to your safety is rare.

However, a reasonably accurate understanding of history and an open mind is all that one need have to ultimately draw this conclusion.

One final note: Once you have taken the "red" pill, you can never go back!

11:56 pm  

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