Sunday, July 03, 2005

China-Russia Back U.N. New World Order

(Xinhua) Moscow- China and Russia have issued a joint statement on a new world order in the 21st century, setting forth their common stand on major international issues, such as UN reforms, globalization, North-South cooperation, and world economy and trade.

The statement, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao after their talks, says that reforms should be aimed at strengthening the United Nations leading role in international affairs. The UN is the world's most comprehensive, representative and authoritative organization, and both its role and function are irreplaceable, said the joint statement on a new world order in the 21st century.

The United Nations should play a leading role in global affairsand be the core for establishing and executing basic norms of international law, the statement added.

The joint statement believes that the world is undergoing a historic change. The establishment of a new world order will be a long and complicated process, it says. The joint statement calls on the international community to establish a new security framework on the basis of mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and cooperation.

The two sides think that a UN-led global system should be set up to deal with new threats and challenges on the basis of the UN Charter and international law, it says. The joint statement says the two sides have decided to cooperate more closely in related international organizations and forums and expand cooperation with other like-minded countries.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This fits perfectly with the many dreams and visions received by many of a joint China/Russia military attack on the USA. Russia and China have already recently completed their first ever WAR GAMES. In case you don't know, war games mean practicing for war against a common enemy (things like working out strategy, encryption codes, radio frequencies, etc. Come-on Americans - wake up or lose all!

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