Thursday, June 30, 2005

Career-low TV audience for Bush Address

President Bush's address to the nation, urging Americans to stand firm in Iraq, drew the smallest TV audience of his tenure, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Bush's speech on Tuesday night at the Ft. Bragg military base in North Carolina averaged 23 million viewers combined on the four major U.S. broadcast networks and three leading cable news channels networks that carried the speech, Nielsen said.

Bush Speech Decline:
Joint session of Congress after the 9/11 attacks - 82 million viewers.
Spech declaring end to major combat in Iraq - 48 million viewers.
April 28 speech on Social Security overhaul - 32 million viewers.
Ft. Bragg military base in North Carolina - 23 million viewers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet "i like watch tv" was glued to the tube! :-) For me, the number of viewers is still WAY too high! Grow up people and help impeach the bastard, his supreme court and all the other smirking idiots!

9:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listened to it - but only in the faint hope that some soldiers what shout out that the lieing scumbag should be impeached. Alas....not to be they showed their contempt by being silent

9:37 pm  

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