Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ratzinger to be Benedict XVI


From one perfect foil for the New World Order, to another. Ratzinger knows where all the bodies are buried - literally.

No wonder George Bush went to the funeral!

Turns out it was the funeral of the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical elite -who will likely never recover from this disastrous(for them) move. But then, what choice did they have? The kind of hole they are in, all you can do is keep digging. Requiat in Pacem

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Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger from Germany was elected on the fourth ballot, and has chosen the name Benedict XVI. There were many minutes of confusion over the colour of the smoke, which initially seemed grey, before the bells began tolling to signal the successful election.


Blogger William O said...

Yet another brick in the defensive wall being built ever more furiously around the Fourth Reich?
Bush, Schwarzenegger, Mueller, and on and on... Let that which was hidden again be revealed.

12:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are the illuminati Times codes confirming who the illuminati planned as the last Pope

Notice that in Germany the only reference to this was hidden somehwere in the lines of the "Economy - Multimedia" section of the on-line version of TV news channel N24.
Headlines: "Ratzinger finds Fans im Internet" ...

Anyway, if you had read this you should have known this for a while:

Rat-zinger was the man that welcomed them officially in the "Church", in 1982...
Illuminati reveal identity of last Pope hours before Conclave opens - satanic "times" line

11:17 am  

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