Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Iraq: Signs of Reorganized Resistance

"Now that winter is over in Iraq, the activities of millitants over the past few days signifies one of two things: an indication of a real shitstorm that's about to come, or truly the last gasp of an organized insurgency. The former is my opinion, the latter is the opinion you'll read in various corporate media reports.

"The firefights in the past couple of days have not been the work of one or two people with a Kalashnikov or an RPG launcher... We're talking about coordinated attacks with literally dozens - platoon strength - of fairly well armed men... These aren't angry mobs throwing rocks. There's been some detailed planning and regrouping ongoing within the command structure of the militants.

"The insurgency seems to be, once again, changing tactics. Once the 'good guys' have figured out how to somewhat deal with one tactic (for example, IED's), the 'bad guys' back off and morph their strategy into something else....


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