Sunday, April 10, 2005

Anti-war and pro occupation?

"After two years, with the Resistance gaining momentum, the so called Anti-War Movement or some of it adopted the position of the American Establishment: we can't abandon the Iraqis, we must 'help them build their Nation.'

"The first question that comes to my mind is, since when does an invader help in nation building? Was the invasion intended to 'build' the Nation of Iraq? The problem of the Anti-War Movement is it does not have a unified agenda, and this nation-building is nothing but a stamp on the invasion and its advocates.

"What are the ingredients of building a nation? The Patriot Act, the Home Land Security? the ideology of the Conservative or the Democratic Parties? Is the American Democracy working for the Americans, all the Americans including the Moslems, the Blacks and other communities?

"These, and more are questions that are yet to be addressed by the so-called Anti-War Movement."


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