Monday, March 07, 2005

Dramatic Collapse in Support for Iraq War in U.S.

There has been a dramatic collapse in support by US voters for the Iraq War. A new Zogby poll shows a fall of 13% in support for the war -over only ten days!

This is hugely significant. Zogby is a respected pollster. The sample size was 1,000 likely voters. This seismic shift they measured is a statistical earthquake.

A shift of this magnitude over as short as ten days unquestionably indicates a broad ongoing collapse among previous war supporters. Opposition to the war rose 8% over the same ten days.

The "Iraqi Elections" honeymoon effect has petered out -as savvy observers knew it would.

It's sharply downhill from here -and the US administration knows it.

Do you think the war in Iraq is worth its costs?

Feb. 27

Feb. 17

Worth it



Not worth it



Source: Zogby International
1,010 likely American voters -error 3.2%.


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