Sunday, March 20, 2005

Coal, Mercury, Vaccines, Autism and LA Times Propaganda

The Los Angeles Times is salivating at possible implications of the latest Mercury and Autism development:
"Texas researchers have found a possible link between autism and mercury in the air and water. Studying individual school districts in Texas, the epidemiologists found that those districts with the highest levels of mercury in the environment also had the highest rates of special education students and autism diagnoses."
An interesting finding, which the LA Times uses as an opportunity to go on to say:
"Many parents have argued that thimerosal [in vaccines] causes autism because their children seemed to develop the neurological disorder shortly after they received childhood vaccinations. That link has been largely discredited, and researchers are beginning to look at the potential effects of themetal from other sources."
Ummm. Amazing how much spin can be packed into two short sentences: "their children seemed to develop [autism]... but that link has been largely discredited," Eh?

Leaving that incredibly glib dismissal aside, there seems to be an "either, or" assumption regarding environmental mercury versus vaccine mercury. It is entirely possible that both sources of mercury could be playing into autism -mediated perhaps by both genetic and dietary factors. It's a complex issue, in a complex world far removed from the simplistic propagandist stance of the LA Times.

For a less partisan account see:

Study Links Mercury from Power Plants to Autism

Below are other recent developments and background links.

A Dragon By The Tail
On January 24, 2005 - the same day the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) announced the receipt of $750 million for its historic world vaccination campaign -- seven US Senators introduced Senate Bill 3 . The bill is an unprecedented act giving comprehensive liability protections to vaccine manufacturers , restricting Freedom of Information Acts on drug/vaccine safety, and pre-empting states' rights to ban mercury from children's vaccines, all under the bill's official title: ‘‘Protecting America in the War on Terror Act of 2005''.

Meanwhile in Texas, a US District Court judge has ordered the worlds' “big five” vaccine manufacturers to “produce any and all documents relating to payments made to, or stock ownership” by the seventeen members of the Institute of Medicine's Immunization and Safety Review Committee who issued a report last year denying a link between childhood vaccines and the country's autism epidemic.
Scientists baffled as autism cases soar in California
February 4, 2005
California's mysterious explosion of autism cases worsened in 2004, disappointing researchers who had hoped the number of new diagnoses would level off as they searched for an explanation for the neurological disorder. [Graph]
Why You May Not Want to Vaccinate
Making An Informed Choice
Basically what vaccines do is GIVE YOU A CHRONIC CASE OF THE DISEASE and therefore you can't get an acute case of it because you already have it - but a chronic form. A form that is always stimulating the immune system as it has no way to leave the body. The disease is given by injecting into the child/person - and then goes right into bloodstream - bypassing the normal route of entry for the disease and the normal defense mechanisms that would be activated before it reaches the deeper organs and tissues (which it reaches right away with the vaccines).

The death rates have stayed the same for the most part BEFORE AND AFTER VACCINES. Disease rates decrease with better sanitation, nutrition, water supplies, etc. So less developed (hate that word) have poorer sanitation/nutrition and are more at risk for exposure to the diseases as well as have more impaired health. Again, the vaccines here given a chronic case of the disease preventing an acute case.
Infection, Autoimmunity, and Autism
3 Jan 1997
Cytokines are released in response to vaccination (i) as part of the processes by which vaccinations induce antibody formation, and (ii) as indicated by the occurrence of fever and, in many children, lethargic behavior.

The sequence is as follows: individuals primed with NdE-encoded immunological
cells may, given cytokines-release induced by one or more vaccinations, experience clonal expansions of those T-cells and B-cells, which can re-cross the bbb into the brain and then induce additional damage, ie, resulting in vaccination-enhanced neuropathy presenting clinically as autism, tics, Tourette's syndrome, OCD, ADHD, etc.


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